Your Weekly Dose of W49

June 11, 2010 in World 049 News

Ok so here we are. Time for an update on what’s been happening on W49. This world looks to be a seriously promising one as the better tribes are being shaped out, getting ready for the long run. W49 has seen a lot of wars in the last 2 weeks and is currently experiencing at least half a dozen full fledged battles involving most of the top tribes.

A brief overview on what happened last week:

**** Quit! and Villan war finally came to an end with Villan disbanding and Quit! taking in a lot of their players. Some of the defeated went to SOA. The Villan council decided to abandon ship about a week into the war with stats immensely favouring Quit!.  As a result of this, Quit! have now established their firm hold over K34 with a suitable presence in K33 as well. They now control K34-K35 with a very strong grip over K43 too (courtesy the intake of Villan players).

War stats since declaration:

Quit!: 35

Villan: 6

Here’s a look at Quit!’s spread now.

**** The war between 1/0 and finally ended with the obvious result  of Shinto disbanding. Yet another tribe falls to 1/0, can anyone stop them?

War stats since declaration:

1/0: 13

Shinto: 1

Current wars on W49:

[IT] v/s -?-: This war has been lingering on for a few weeks, but has dropped momentum due to the onset of a few more wars. This war resulted due to territorial expansion and some old rivalry being revived among the members of former Dead Rabbits and -?-.

The war stats favour [IT] at a ratio of 2:1. They really were doing well until Undefined (1/0) decided to declare on them.

Stats since declaration:

[IT]: 27

-?-: 13

1/0 v/s [IT]: This war was evident as 2 power houses can’t survive in adjacent Ks without conflicting. This was hastened by the fact that 1/0’s allies -?- were getting hit by [IT].  The rest of the world hoped it would be an evenly contested match, however it wasn’t so as is evident from the war stats. 1/0 have just steam rolled over [IT]. Also, a number of members from the latter tribe have been focussing on W50 which might explain the inactivity and attaining of easy caps by the #2 tribe. Anyways, this war comes as a breather for -?- who had been getting hit badly. Now they can buy themselves some time and get their acts together. Hats off to 1/0 for organising swift OPs on the inactives and getting almost 100% success. More reason to believe that these guys are on top of their game.

War stats since declaration:

1/0: 18

[IT]:  1

{N~S} v/s 1/0: {N~S} decided to declare on 1/0 while the latter were still busy on other fronts. The former are leading the caps by a small margin, but I think 1/0 haven’t focussed on them yet, they’re still cleaning remnants of the defeated parties elsewhere. Hopefully, this war should be in full swing in the coming weeks as its always nice when the underdog takes the fight to the big boss’ door.

There are also rumours that a war between Quit! and Sen is taking place in the north, mainly in K36 though neither side has officially confirmed this, just terming it as a minor skirmish in the local areas. So we would have to wait and see if this turns into a blood shed or goes into an oblivion with a NAP.

Current Standings: