Yeah 3x – SOHK Takes Command of South

April 13, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


More southern events make for an ever-changing map. From HoHoHo to B52s, now SOHK emerges as the major southern power on W52.

Why did SOHK and B52s merge?

Will Bush continue to attack the members they deem as refugees?

How did the merge tip the balance in the SOHK / P.S. war?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

-MM- still holds rank one, but by a slim margin: last week I indicated that they no longer hold the highest total point value, and, indeed, Bush comes in only 2m behind -MM- in the top 40 players ranking this week.

WET passes Phat for fourth, but the big news this week is SOHK’s merge with B52s. SOHK has taken the sixth slot, moving up from eighth, and B52s is nowhere to be seen in the rankings, all the way down at the thirtieth now.

B52’s disappearance opened a spot in the top ten for a new tribe, and newcomer T.E. has seized the opportunity. However, surprisingly, the eastern rim tribe has already jumped up to eighth – a nicely timed merge with nearby tribe MAL seems to have bolstered their numbers.

With Smile and T.E. on -MM-’s eastern seaboard, -MM- is now completely circumscribed by other tribes.

Southern Continents

As we know, SOHK has been at war with P.S. since 2/27 of this year, which makes for just over six weeks now.

Looking at the map above, we see that SOHK has made considerable gains in the continent of K75, where the two tribes share their frontline. One month ago, P.S. accounted for 53.18% of the continent, with SOHK holding 18.26%. Dominance has since shifted:  P.S. now has 63.48%, and SOHK 24.2%.

That’s a 19% increase on P.S.’s part, but a 33% increase by SOHK.

That rings true when we look at the conquer history:

Tossa75, co-duke of SOHK, on the subject of their success, said that

“[SOHK has] a great group of players that are able to coordinate like they’re supposed to… the front P.S. recruited isn’t all that decent in quality :)) The players we have targeted have mostly all been kicked or deleted – which shows to question their recruitment methods they used.” – Tossa75

It certainly does question the quality of P.S.’s members, and Grinder, speaking on behalf of P.S., said

“I don’t want to take anything away from [SOHK], because they have run some great Ops. But, almost all the players they have managed to take more than 5 villages from were all barely active and couldn’t handle incomings.” – Grinder

Hopefully P.S. has weeded out their weaker members now, and can start to effectively control K75 and kick SOHK out.

SOHK’s tight group of players expanded this past week, though, when they amalgamated several members from the late B52s in a well-publicized merge. Although SOHK co-duke Be Mice Elf Again profusely assured me that no such merge was in the works, saying the prospect was “rather ridiculous, even for Randerson” on 3/6, sources have come forward saying that the plan had always been there as a contingency.

“[SOHK and B52s] discussed the possibility of a merge ever since the beginning of our alliance, as a hypothetical route to keep open.” –Tossa75

Knarley, then-duke of B52s, indicated the same in his external thread.

SOHK’s new members from B52s will add additional clout in their war against P.S., but they may bring some troubles of their own too. Before its disbandment, B52s was at war with neighbors WET and Bush, whom Knarley admitted might see SOHK as harboring B52s refugees.

The situation is a bit more serious in Bush’s eyes, though. On the declaration of war against B52s, Knarley said

“We [B52s] long held a NAP with them [Bush], they tried for a couple of weeks to get us to break the NAP by poking at us, but we maintained our relationship with them, as we felt was the right thing to do. Eventually, they launched attacks on us. Our diplomat contacted them and asked what the deal was and if we still had a NAP with them. They said yes. 20 minutes later they declared war. They knew there was no NAP when we asked them directly about it, and they lied.” – Knarley

Although this is largely reminisce of the misunderstanding that provoked the -MM- / -SWAT- war a few weeks ago, Jayshaw, duke of Bush, has  a different account:

“I never misled anyone about anything. At the time of the discussion, B52s and Bush had held a NAP agreement between the two tribes. After a growing number of our members in the south got tired of the disrespect from B52s they started attacking specific b52s members. We tried to control it and see if we could come to some terms. We couldn’t as we had been receiving attacks from B52s before anyone in Bush launched attacks on them.” – Jayshaw

Which tribe’s version holds more truthfulness? Why is there such a discrepancy?

B52s, or those members now in SOHK, has no intention of forgetting Bush’s move in the near future.

“We certainly don’t take it lightly that we were flat out lied to within 20 minutes of a war declaration. We certainly won’t forget it anytime soon. It will taint all conversations with them going forward.” Knarley

There is another dimension to the whole ordeal as well, unfortunately.

If you recall, several members, lead by Homcgra1, organized a mass departure from B52s to Bush in the aftermath of the resignation of Hells Toy Master, B52s’s ex-duke.

On 3/29, before the B52s / SOHK merge commenced, Homcgra1 approached B52s leadership with the following mail:

B52s was unresponsive to the offer, and then had made no indication of their intentions by the time Bush declared on 4/3. My understanding is that Knarley and Homcgra1 have had a tense relationship in the past, though, which might have contributed to the situation.

Needless to say, the vast majority of B52s members transferred to SOHK, not to Bush.

Knarley was not discouraged in the least by the looming conflict with Bush that SOHK faces – he says that “the evolving leadership of SOHK and B52s is something to really look forward to.”

On the other sides of the spectrum, we have removed tribes -MM- and TheLaw to account for as well.

Southern -MM- members were accused several weeks ago of lending aid to P.S., with whom -MM- is allied. Then-duke of -MM-, Borg1966, repeatedly stated that no such intervention had been officially sanctioned by -MM-. SOHK was not pleased with the possibility of interference in what they assumed would be a 1v1 war.

Tossa75 said that “[he is] in contact with Lawtonisw, and he is helping P.S. – or was.”

Grinder confirmed that “Lawtonisw23 and Kallindown” were indeed assisting in “scouting and taking villages near SOHK to help”, though he noted that this was not because of orders from -MM-, but rather because the two players are still close to P.S.

On the southwest rim of SOHK, lies a tribe named TheLaw, who were a subject of an earlier blog.

Currently, I know very little about their leadership or diplomacy. I would like to have the opportunity to do further investigation for future blogs to ascertain their position on Bush and SOHK – they have a significant border to both. If they chose a side, their weight could really tip the battle one way or another.

In conclusion, the SOHK / P.S. war has expanded greatly from the simple conflict over recruitment policy that catalyzed the skirmish six weeks ago. Now, B52s and SOHK are one, and SOHK may be facing additional battles against Bush and WET, the former of which possibility disgruntled over SOHK harboring refugees.

“[The merge] was a surprising move by SOHK and, while it definitely poses a threat, we have had a chance to make plans and believe to have a good solution.” – Grinder (P.S.)

“Well, all that I am going to say is that any player who joined SOHK after receiving attacks from us will be nobled out entirely no matter what SOHK thinks. We don’t cry refugee, we just continue nobling ;)” – Jayshaw (Bush)

“There are a few [new members] close to K75 and they might be interested in participating [in the P.S. war] sooner or later :).” – Tossa75 (SOHK)

Thanks, as always, for reading :)

As I mentioned earlier, I will not be in town next week, but I am weighing options of what to do in lieu of a full blog for the 23rd, since I won’t be around to write.

Stay tuned for this Saturday, though!