World War In World 6

March 10, 2009 in Uncategorized, World 006 News

First World 6 Blog post,

It all started One day when the East, north, South, & west decided to clash heads here’s the starts & declarations of one of the biggest wars on tribalwars,

Fear Declaration

Pajuno: This is it ladies and gentlemen. This is the moment many have been waiting for… Players not even of this world, have been waiting.. Some patiently, some not so patient…

Here it is.. we have finally decided the direction of World 6> A few days ago some of you may have seen my declaration upon Nakoro in his thread to “out” me…

Well the real deal of that thread he started.. he posted all my reasons and pnp thunder.. So the fun i planned to have with this dec.. kind of leaked out early.

But the main reason is removing our victory over Stts2. Recruiting our enemies and victory spoils with no compensation.

The best reason is this tho: Boredom> War needs to return to create world 6 hotspots again. And when choosing your enemy, its not about betraying an ally or choosing the easiest options. I always choose the hard way…Always go for the big dog…..

I have no desire to see another HIRE war.. everyone jumping like sharks on the already wounded prey… Bring it fair and square.

Use your entire family, we are not afraid. But before this war is over,

O~Sin and its families will know what to truly Fear on this world….

RM Declaration

Tribal War Lord :

hello to World 6 and our other spectators

finally there is something good to watch on this channel ;) lately before the FEAR/SIN war, w6 had turned out to be boring, i would like to congratulate FEAR on changing this and flaming this world for us by declaring the war on SIN

we gona keep this short and simple as we know everyone is expecting it. I am not going to waste ur times with this BS that was happening and that was talked on the PnP over and over, final decision is taken, the alliance has never really been an alliance with neither tribe ever helping the other, and we dont see any future with SIN.

RM would like to take FEARs move one step further and join our true allies and trusted friends (members of FEAR) by dropping our NAP with SIN family and declare our war on them…..

From now is an official 24 Hr notice before any attacks are launched although we believe it was obvious way before on PnP that this is what was gona happen.

So all in a nutshell. RMC has grown some balls ;)

we would like to state that we dont wish this to be a flaming affair. we are at the end of this GAME world and so lets just have some fun and see who is actually the boss.

signed LatrinePower and Tribal War Lord

RAWR!’s Declaration


Well there is the pesky little thing that always pops up in a person, some religions call it “original sin” its basically an inherent need in us to do wrong or plainly be an asshole.

For too long has this “sin” plagued the people of RAWR!, and the forums of world 6 for too long have we been tempted by the fruits of evil. Thankfully I have come up with a solution.

A way to rid our world of this, RAWR! is now commencing a baptism on all of the villages I have marked as still having original sin, and polluting our area’s. Just so happens that someone marked these out for me in two tribes I have to thank Nak, so we are baptizing all the villages of A~Sin and O~Sin today.

HIRE Declaration

Onny123 :
just a quick mention to all involved in the cleansing of SIN

I, as in the Duke of HIRE hearby declare war on the SIN family .

Some of there players have been arrogant in there convo’sand have been looking to entice through mails etc.with the short time we were in there tribe i,and many othersthought that SIN had honour.

what honour sits accounts to a few ex HIRE players and sends there support away on a 200 hour trip and tries mailing people asking for support as old friends when really they are but termites burrowing deep inside a carcase just to hide .

well to me this is not a war,this is an infestation that must be exterminated before it gets out of control .HIRE has risen to prove to the whole world that it was not beaten by O~SIN,A~SIN,ORD,SPAM,SPRAM, and Neuwar ,it merely had a rest to give the enemy chance to figure out where it was going wrong.

if there is ant honour in these new oppresors ,i challenge them not to dismiss any of there members when loosing villages badly like in our previous war from many a tribe .

prepare to meet your destiny

Duke of HIRE

The Great ~Or.d~ Declaration

Gen Jihad :

PnP’ers of World 6 & Players of the World 6 realm; Lights Out!
…The Darkness is coming!


As the sun sets, the Rising Moon takes its advance. And in the abyss that follows the Rising Moon, lurks the Darkness. Wallowing in its own superiority, well-being, and efficiency, the Darkness loiters… Until now!

The prowling of the Darkness has become its biggest aspect and thus we bring forth the Order. No longer will we wait, watch, and do nothing. No longer will we sit silently in our corner of the world, twiddling our inactives, and spamming our Off-Topic. The time has come to deepen the nether regions of this world, and kill the lights that shine upon all those that oppose.

As the Darkness is set free and is let loose to charge the Moon that doth stand down yonder, the clock is ticking. It is that time of day, for which none favour. Walls will crumble, defence will be beaten to a pulp, and morale will be shattered. We shall ride into this night with nought but ourselves, our allies and the confidence, arrogance and cocky-yet-altruistic mindset. So without further ado:

With our cursors at the ready, our fingers set to quick-fire, and the power of a thousand horses behind our lines, let it be known that the Order of Darkness declares War on the Rising Moon as of this very moment. May this feud be fair, may this battle be won, and may all hostilities be wiped from our territory.

This night is ours. And in this night, we shall have glory and triumph.

This night is ours; and ours only.

As you all can see these are all top 10 tribe declaring plus there break off tribes.

This war has been going on since the beginning of February and the only tribe so far leading in the war is ~Or.d~ & RM they are the main hard hiters of the war,
Though FEAR started the war off with a bang and came out hitting hard i think Activity is hitting them harder.

RM is losing the war against ~Or.d~ though and if you really want to see the side winning the war just look at this,


Side 1:

Side 2:
Tribes: O~SIN A~SIN ~Or.D~ Smurfs NeuWar

Timeframe:Last 3 months

Total conquers:

Side 1: 21,073
Side 2: 37,396
Difference: 16,323


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,265
Side 2: 3,094
Difference: 171


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 201,855,401
Side 2: 346,993,207
Difference: 145,137,806


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 31,942,566
Side 2: 31,341,791
Difference: 600,775


Now even though ~Or.d~ isn’t in war with FEAR you can still see what ~Or.d~ and SIN as a team can do to a world.

This war is going to last if not settled out in diplomacy maybe until next year or the end of this year seeing as RM, SIN, &~Or.d~, & FEAR all have over 200 million points and over 30,000 villages and with the war being balanced as it is being who knows how it will turn out.

But as i said in my Inrtoduction post I myself are a part of ~Or.d~ so I will always have faith in my great fighting tribe.

And just a little reminder for those in RM, It looks as though if this war turns out for the good in favor of FEAR side then FEAR will soon be declaring on the only tribe left that is close and and fightable there own friends RM.

But looking at this RM & FEAR should be more worried about those precious villages of there’s because they are losing them like cupcakes at a toddler party : )

From the last 7 days

Rank Tribe Lost Villages
1 RMC 391
2 RMA 293
3 RAWR! 274
4 A~SIN 252
5 FEAR 243
6 ~Or.D~ 202
7 O~SIN 182
8 NeuWar 131
9 BDR-3 105
10 HIRE 105
11 DEATH 95
12 KFB1 72
13 Smurfs 60
14 HIRE-S 59
15 Sk. 50
16 ~666~ 34
17 Error! 22
18 SPAM 12
19 CYP 11
This simpy last post for the week guy’s hope to bring more exciting news when it comes to me and all world 6er’s if you find something out that might be of importance mail me and I’ll try to get the word out for the blog.