World 9: The Power of Three

November 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Recently (on the 28th) OTD Death Awaits declared that his family (=D-N= and =D.N=) would war DNS, DNSPC, and ~DNS~. This war now has fallen into anarchy pretty much. DNS is fighting RAW and DN, DN is fighting RAW and DNS, and RAW is fighting DNS and DN. We also have seen the arrival of FC in the top 5  from the last blog post two months ago and the formation of SETO, a new tribe in the SETO Family only three weeks ago.

Here’s the blog, the fullscreen will probably not work, but I made a new puzzler that people may like.

(If you use Firefox, it will download to a temp folder, then open automatically. The fullscreen worked then when I tried it, but it won’t when it opens inside of IE. I have not tested it with Opera or Google Chrome…)