World 9: The end of the Beginning

September 15, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 009 News

Hello fellow citizens of Tribalwarsland!

Well, it’s not the beginning of the end, it’s more of the end of the beginning of this war.  Now it will enter a more subtle phase, with scattered mass OPs and such spread throughout the durration. This is when the real test of strength and endurance begins and several world superpowers collide and come apart in a sort of dance of death.

Anyway, Flash practically drove me insane in the process of making this, so I will probably make a SECOND HALF of the film instead of just one part. Edit: I found the high-quality sound was making flash go crazy, so I changed it to high quality mp3 files, which flash LOVES. This week is John Williams week, featuring some of his most known compositions. If you can name all four pieces and/or which movies they are from and either mail the list to me or post it in the W9 Blog discussion forum, your name will be featured in next week’s blog. I also added some fun side-features and such so you don’t all get bored to death. The War Stats are MISSING. I will add them tomorrow. There are a few un-removable glitches that pop in and out, so don’t panic if it freezes on a blank page that says ‘nobling map’ in the top corner, just refresh the page.


In other news:

Half-Priced coins are to be implemented in the upcomming weeks (according to King Wenseslesas Shugarpuff of Tribalwarsland in a recent mass message to the world).

[IB] has sprung back and holds a fair-sized harvest on the nobling map.

DNS is continuing to run over RAW, however, according to the numbers, ~DNS~ has mysteriously lost over half their points in the last several weeks.


Roger, Roger!