World 9- The Best Warriors Come Forth

January 2, 2011 in World 009 News, World News

With the TW teams’ release of the special year-long review, some very interesting results come in and some very skilled people need to be recognized! This short blog will award the players who have proven their mettle in the heat of battle, charged head-long into foes undaunted, and launched some of the most heroic nobling campaigns in the history of TW. Records can be kept, but rarely are they broken- this blog is not about the every-day conquerer, this is about the most extreme warriors on the face of world 9!

Ok, all that exciting clincher stuff aside, let’s get serious. In the 2010 roundup of world statistics, which can be found here, a few very intriguing statistics were posted. First off, comes our conquers-by-month, which I have taken and re-done in excel in a upright line graph. Anyone willing to provide commentary on why they think the conquers went how they did is certainly willing to via the comments box below or by e-mailing me ( me an in-game message.

conquers/month chartSo, as far as I can see, the first valley is because of all of the post-New Year’s resolutions wives of older TW players make them take- stop TW and focus on them instead. After that, some of those players either found a way to return or handed their accounts over. The mid-summer drop is really because many people go off for the summer, leaving their accounts to account sitters with their hands already full. The little rise after that is when all the collage kids realize they are depressed and go asking their friends if they have any extra accounts. The final decline is people heading off for Christmas break.

The busiest month was January, seeing 26,023 conquers (that is similar to conquering 3.7 continents).

The busiest week was the second week of the year, which saw 6,453 conquers (that’s similar to conquering an entire continent in only one week).

The busiest day was April 23rd, seeing 1,036 conquers; that’s just 500 less than the total number of conquers DNS did on the first week of the Great World War, and just under 40 7×7 map screens of land.

To give you an idea of what that means, all of the conquers on April 23rd equal the quantity of land that is just over 17 feet long and about 3.7 inches wide if printed on paper and taped together, or about 3,947,440 pixels of land! That is, if you include forests, plains, and hills that are also in the squares around the conquered land.

371 wide x 266 tall <- One 7x7 square
x 40
14,840 x 266 <- 40 7x7 squares laid end-to-end

3,947,440 pixels <- The quantity of pixels in a 72 dpi image of the total

206 inches x 3.7 inches <- The dimensions of the printed squares

17.16' x 3.7" <- The fixed dimensions of the printed squares


Yes, folks, I have awards for the players who won the most in each category! If you run into them in-game or on the forums or such, feel free to message them and tell them that there’s an award for them in this post.

One caveat (warning) though: Do NOT take an award or post it in your profile or anywhere TW related unless you really EARNED IT! It’s okay for the tribe of the player to post it in their tribal profile/forums/whatever, just please don’t try to pretend you got one or my tiny army of LC will penetrate your defenses and kill you. :)

Most in One Day


Recipient: hibakusha of »T.W«

Conquers: 194, 156

Date Achieved: 2010-11-24, 2010-11-23



Recipient: dancristi of DNS

Conquers: 151

Date Achieved: 2010-11-14



Most in One Hour


Recipient: FlamingPetard of DNS

Conquers: 50

Date Achieved: 2010-07-06 at 9 AM



Recipient: moshuroshu of F.U.

Conquers: 41

Date Achieved: 2010-10-20 at 12 (noon)



Recipient: TilenM of DNS

Conquers: 37

Date Achieved: 2010-10-11 at 12 (noon)



Most in One Minute


Recipient: FlamingPetard of DNS

Conquers: 41, 16

Date Achieved: 2010-07-06 at 9:00 AM, 2010-01-14 at 2:00 PM



Recipient: TilenM of DNS

Conquers: 14

Date Achieved: 2010-12-13 at 2:16 PM


Congrats to all of you, especially FlamingPetard for the amazing record of 41 conquers in a single minute! Hopefully next year I will be able to bring these tallies to you again, and hopefully we’ll have another record even higher!