World 9 is active again!

July 22, 2009 in World 009 News

Hello everyone, I’m very sorry for the fact that I have been out for so long. Summer hit me like an atom bomb, I could barely find time to even use the computer with vacation and the sudden influx of time to relax. I’d like to take this time to do some updating on the world. I have, however, been rather active on the world with diplomacy and such. Sitting around in a tiny village is actually a surprisingly good idea. =D-N= and SOFt/RAW/EDGE appear to still be at it, constant skirmishes along the borderlines. To make everything better, I will be making short Flash Animation news casts about the world, uploading them, and posting them instead of these huge, chunky blocks of text and piles of pictures-don’t worry, you’ll still get your Nobling Map and TOP 5 Countdown, but this time, it will be in a easy to read and watch format.

Thanks for bearing with me this far, I know that was boring, but here is the flash movie I made. If you missed something, the info and maps are below in the traditional style (the video will also repeat). All feedback, information on new wars, and tips are welcome.

 Tribal Wars- World 9- Number 1



Here’s the location map:

Raw, as usual is hanging out in the middle. =D-N= has taken its usual position in the NW, with the small but growing tribe of NEUQC next-door. DNS is split by a huge rift of RAW, but takes a strong position taking up the south-center of the map, with [IB] holding the South East. A mixture holds the central East and South West. It appears everyone is content around the center, but some conflict in the Southern and Northern poles.


Side 1:
Tribes: =D-N= =D.N=

Side 2:

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 3,625
Side 2: 7,589
Difference: 3,964

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 401
Side 2: 328
Difference: 73

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 32,306,136
Side 2: 68,285,955
Difference: 35,979,819

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,745,139
Side 2: 3,109,597
Difference: 635,542



And now for our most popular feature, the nobling map WITH commentary! (sorry about blurry image. The bitmap isn’t that good quality)




Top 10 Players of World 9

Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1              coatsyuk                               DD 14.830.650 1447 10249
2 gandalfalix DNS 13.870.873 1333 10406
3 southerenboy DNS 13.862.549 1343 10322
4 consult13 RAW 13.771.289 1420 9698
5 Ripperfield RAW 13.747.292 1408 9764
6 vitkus RAW 13.521.670 1365 9906
7 Psihic DNS 13.412.045 1357 9884
8 BadD =D-N= 13.289.981 1313 10122
9 andrei2007 DNS 13.179.504 1242 10612
10 smokefield RAW 13.087.715 1391 9409



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