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June 4, 2010 in World 009 News

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It has been an adventure getting back into the roll of blogging. So many things are put into each and every piece that one easily forgets the hard labor and pure effort required to pull it together. I decided two weeks ago that enough was enough- no real-life issue was going to keep me from giving what I promised to the only world on which I still play. No tutorials to making empires or drawing flags or taking pictures would stand on my list; nor would any new songs or projects. Even work had to be lightly sacrificed in order to pull off some of the larger stunts of this blog. Because it has been six months since the last blog, I felt it was my duty to make a blog that would blow away my viewers and bring everything I possibly could to the audience… and so far, I have. Not only is the new blog under 10 MB, it is also packed FULL of new bits and pieces (which I will talk about later).

What’s Changed?

In the blog, I have done a few new changes.

  • The standard .swf (interactive video file) will be much smaller because I am making it so it streams audio that I upload separately, that way, you don’t have to wait 20 minutes to play the movie… and it also lets you decide which song to play and if you want to pause or change the volume, it’s your call. Lastly, that allows me to use better recording quality music… and saves a LOT of scripting.
  • Scrollable features… that means I can display nearly limitless amounts of text in a small area.
  • Copyable writing in the War Stats department… thus letting players directly quote and copy the stats I post up… and also copy the blurb I write about the war.
  • Extremely small and almost completely text-only version for poor internet connections or weak computers.
  • A new part that features little blurbs written by yours truly, the leaders of the top 5 tribes, hopefully monthly. These purpose of these is to display the un-censored bias and opinion, along with hard facts, utilized by leaders of the world, along with displaying the diplomatic and charismatic abilities of those leaders. It also allows leaders to directly contact much of the world and write against other leaders of the top 5 tribes, who are given the chance to rebuttle. That will hopefully spark debate on the forums and among the people.
  • A new way of doing maps that keeps the maps in FULL size.
  • A series of articles written by me (and hopefully one day including those written by others).

Well, without further waiting on your part, here are the links. If you are running a slow computer and want to view the full blog, try downloading the blog along with Adobe Flash Player and then playing the blog on your computer instead of the internet. Alternately, you could also open the full blog and wait for the pre-loader to finish loading and you should be all set to navigate around. If it does not work, download the most recent version of the Adobe Flash Player (at least version 10) at the Adobe website (

-Tip: The first link under each blog is for if you want to view the blog ONLINE. The second is for downloading or for IE* users to view it online.

*and any other browser that plays content such as audio or video instead of downloading it.

Full Blog (full features, about 12.2 MB):

Mini-Blog (does not have audio, maps, or articles, < 1 MB):


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