World 7’s Final Frontier

April 30, 2010 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

As usual, I’ll begin this post by apologizing for the HUGE delay between updates: I’m sorry.  Now, down to business…

As anyone who follows the gameworld knows, the two remaining powers have finally gone to war. That’s right, about a month ago, -WE- and FxF became official enemies, ending a long, and sometimes tenuous alliance with a long-awaited war declaration. It all began a couple months ago after -WE- had crushed the only two enemies that -WE- and FxF had in the gameworld–the PTT family and TATEC. Since then it had only been a question of when -WE- and FxF would war, with both sides not-so-secretly bolstering defenses along their 7-continent wide frontline.  On the fateful day of April 4, 2010, -WE- duke Lord Lazerus Of The High Heavens sealed FxF’s death warrant by officially declaring war.

Now you may be wondering certain things at this point, such as “Why did -WE- declare first?” or “That was a month ago–what has the result been thus far?”  These questions I will address in due time.  The reader must have patience at all times–particularly during moments of intense anticipatory angst and fervor, such as… now. Come back next week for answers!

Here’s a world map from the end of March, which was just AFTER FxF had done their mass-recruiting in the south, but just BEFORE war started:

w7 map prior to fxf war