World 7: Utter Domination

February 10, 2010 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

It appears as though -WE- is dominating this world more than any tribe is dominating any world on the entire server. Please write me and link me to some maps or stats if you have information information to the contrary, but I checked the first 10 game worlds and have seen nothing closer to winning a world than this right here:

The daily ennoblement map looks like this pretty much daily, with -WE- nobling more than all other tribes combined, and controlling a land area of over half the globe.  It looks difficult to read so here is a secondary key:

Red = -WE-

Maroon = FxF (NAP of -WE-)

Green = NEK*K (Ally of FxF)

Blue = VF (remnants of PTT)

Grey = TATEC (noob tribe harboring remnants of PTT)

Yellow = SOCOM (3 fat targets waiting to get rimmed)

Black = PTT

It appears pretty evident that the PTT family is all but nobled out/deleted/inactive.  There’s not much else to say about this world now, other than to watch for the red to continue spreading.

Here are some basic War Stats from the past month (from

-WE- is beating PTT/VF/TATEC/SOCOM (also know as, “the rest of the world aside from FxF) by an ennoblement score of 1,136 to 76 for a +1,060 differential.

FxF/NEK*K is beating PTT/VF/TATEC/SOCOM by a score of  222 to 93 for a +129 margin.

People have been chattering in public forums about when the -WE- and FxF crews will turn on each other and war, but it looks like they both have a lot of villages in the southeastern quadrant of the game world to keep chewing on for a while. After that’s through I imagine a final FxF vs. -WE- war will be inevitable.

In order to put the net growth of all relevant tribes of the world into perspective, I have provided the following graphic which displays all tribes’ village ennoblement statistics for the past week.These numbers are from and incorporate all gains and losses aside from account deletions/bannings.  The only missing statistic is that of tribeless players, which is not tracked by TWstats.