World 7 Update

October 1, 2009 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

The alleged FxF/PTT merger remains on the back burner for now. PTT tried hard to jumpstart an all out East vs. West war by sending some key players over to the fledgling tribe -EE- (eastern empire), which was created to combat -WE- (western empire). Not many FxF players seemed to be willing to move with them and join in the war vs -WE- aside from a few non-warzone simmers. -WE- had a bit of a scandal of its own though, seeing a couple players break off to reform ARES in a bit of a disgruntled movement. Gotta love it when players get nostalgic for old tags, heh.

-WE- vs PTT: Seeing as its been quite a while since the last update, warstats for the past month seem prudent. Now I should have included TATEC on PTT’s side since the revelation that they share forums with PTT, support them, are at peace with them, and war -WE-. This would have added another +100 or so to the -WE- side, but I figured I’d keep the stats simple again; no nonsense, no booted PTT players, no other tribes, no excuses:


On the FxF Front: FxF vs. PTT stats for the first time in a long time are looking promising as well, with FxF carrying a +66 rating vs them this month. Oddly enough though, TATEC is a +73 over FxF somehow, which makes the overall villages changing hands on the FxF front still looking rather neutral.

Recent War Operations: On a plus-side for the PTT family, -WE- had a major offensive vs. Benjiebyro stymied pretty well by a hefty PTT/TATEC defensive effort, which loaded him with ~7 full D’s in nearly all villages targeted. Of the 100+ villages targeted, -WE- still ended up breaking through and nobling over 50 of them, but then lost all but a dozen or so of these to Benjie’s sitter(s) and other PTT players sniping them back. ¬†Hats off to the PTT members involved!