World 7: The Beginning of the End

October 17, 2010 in Announcements, Special Features

Dear players,

-WE- now control 76% of player owned villages on world 7 so the time has come to start the closing of the world.

However, we realise that a lot of you have put a lot of effort into this world, and may not wish to see it end yet. Therefore, we’re going to put the end date in control of the players.

If the current political situation does not change, world 7 will end at the end of January, and the winners will be announced.

However, if the world experiences large game changing events (such as the separation of -WE- into smaller tribes) and the majority is lost, we’ll prolong the end date month by month until the majority has been gained again by a tribe.

Effective immediately gold coins will cost 25% of the standard price, and from the 20th onwards players that are removed from the game via ennoblement will not be able to restart.

I’d like to congratulate all the players and tribes that have made it this far, and thank you all for playing Tribal Wars!

About world 7:

World 7 was announced on 3rd of May 2007 and started on the 11th. Sadly a previous community manager hard deleted the only copy of the announcement.

The world had fairly simple settings, with 1/1 speed, archers and the paladin enabled (items hadn’t been added to the game yet) using the simple tech system. We also used the 20:1 ratio beginner protection system for the first time, and the world was the last time the fake limit was enabled until World 25 started. The core contained 8000 villages compared to the 5000 found on more recent worlds.

22,447 players joined on the opening day, growing to 50,413 after one week. The player count grew to around 65k players and shrunk down to 30k several times throughout the year, finally peaking at 77,598 on the 24th of February 2008.

We switched from points based morale to points+time based on roughly the 20th of March 2008, and the world closed to new registrations at the peak player count.

In terms of ennoblement activity, the world peaked during week 16 of 2008, during which there were 1300 village captures every day.

The world has 310,883 villages, has seen 800,706 village captures and TW Stats has tracked 294,988 tribe changes.

Community Manager

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