World 7: Pounding it Out

September 8, 2009 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

Newly Unfolding Events: The most notable occurrence in world 7 this past week was the combining of PTT-G and PTT-B into one tribe: PTT.  The move apparently was not without its stressors, as one of PTT-G’s top players and 3rd largest player in the gameworld did not join the new tribe. Instead, Mynizzle, the disgruntled -G player, temporarily joined with Kylan in a reformed T.F.B Elite tribe, then left to create his own solo tribe just a couple days later. What does all this mean?? Has PTT become a slum of internal unrest, or has the merge brought them closer into a single unified team? The same questions could be asked of -WE-, with kylan leaving and recreating T.F.B.  On top of all this, reports have been swirling (Enhanced by PTT propoganda) of FxF and -WE- relations turning sour.  So are new changes afoot in world 7 that could bring back a glimmer of hope to the PTT team?  Who knows.  Only time will tell, but it is clear that at least some things will remain the same forever: PTT will always boot members that are getting nobled rapidly.  

Random Stuff: Lazerus had the idea to come up with some of the worst tribal plans/ideas that have been made thus far in world 7.  This was his short and abridged, albeit funny, list:

1. Troy/EMP attempting to backstab TFB and thusly getting themselves destroyed in a hasty manner

2. THE’s requirement for all players to noble five(5) 100-point barbs this past spring (almost none of the players survived in THE long enough to see their weeds grow up)

3. PTT attacking carlyle… again and again and again with a unique type of failure on each major operation.

I couldn’t think of anything worse/funnier than these three, so I figured it was a pretty good top-3.  Thanks, laz!

WarStats Summaries for the past month are actually the best that PTT has seen since the start of the war.  Here they are :