World 7: Finally, some Changes!

December 16, 2009 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

Fist of all, I APOLOGIZE FOR THE HUGE DELAY IN UPDATES! Here is a nice recent map for you all:

map 12_15

(the black and pink tribes can be ignored… they will either go barb or merge into other tribes)

Now, down to business…

We have some tribe shake-ups for the first time in well over 6 months here in world 7.  A chunk equaling what was initially nearly half of PTT‘s tribal body split off under pressure of war to bring back the extinct VF tribe from the grave, far away from the -WE- warfront.  They initially tried to secure an official NAP with their (former?) enemy -WE- but were refused such an official agreement.  As it stands currently, the bulk of their tribe is far enough away from the -WE- front that FxF will remain their only real battle partner for a while.  During VF‘s first month of existence their overall impact on the world has been slim to none, though, as the following stats indicate:

Total conquers against opposite side in the mini-VF wars:
Side 1 (VF): 0
Side 2 (-WE-): 31
Difference: 31

Side 1 (VF): 89
Side 2 (FxF): 155
Difference: 66

This split was performed largely in order for this “active” section of PTT players to break off from the -WE- war in order to win the war vs. FxF, who they deem to be their only real/main enemy in this world. Unfortunately, FxF has not been crumbling to the newly reformed VF, and seem to be slightly winning–and also winning against the remaining PTT tribe, might I add (70 to 1 this month).

On the plus side for the main PTT crew that didn’t run away from the fight, they did experience a nice successful ennoblement spree on a -WE- frontline account since the last blog update.  This was a long time ago now, but it should be noted that PTT ripped up 2krazykills of -WE-, taking over 200 villages from him while he was AWOL and sitterless over a 2 week period. -WE- *finally* got control of the situation though, and during that month, the -WE- vs. PTT war was pretty even in terms of war ennoblements.  That period is one which -WE- refers to as “The Dark Ages,” and what PTT now remembers as “The Glory Days.”

But now all seems to be back to normal: PTT‘s latest operations have all failed, and -WE- has been gaining ground in several regions–from k55 & 65 all the way into k66,77, and elsewhere. The most noteable major takedowns were Mario2007, a formerly esteemed PTT pr0, who was all but rimmed from k55 (over 200 vills lost) and the long-time PTT duke Irispeace, whom -WE- absolutely rocked.  All her villages from frontline k65 to backline k66 & 77 are falling at the hands of -WE- ennoblers.  This operation is young and still ongoing, but already nearly 400 villages have been taken from her, with minimal takeback efforts by the remnants of PTT.

On a side note, TATEC seems to STILL be alive and kicking. In the wake of the destruction that has been wrought on PTT, TATEC picked up a few new refugee recruits and now appear to be the most active group of the original PTT alliance.  Despite this, their ennoblement stats vs. -WE- this month are less than impressive:

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1 (TATEC): 63
Side 2 (-WE-): 293
Difference: 230

In summation, I cannot resist posting these overall stats from the past 3 months:

stats 12_15