World 62 Blog #1 – An Introduction

May 5, 2012 in I'm A New Blogger!, Uncategorized, World 062 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Hello, World 62, and any other member of the Tribal Wars community who happens to be reading this.

I am Sonata Risoluto, your new blogger, and in this blog I’m going to say a bit about myself, and what I am planning to do with the blog in the future.

Most of you probably know me by now from my introductory post on the World 62 Blog thread on the external forums, but if you don’t, you will do after this. My forum and blogging name is Sonata Risoluto, which I got when I first joined W62, although I subsequently gave up on that account. I now play W62 on KingS TribaL18. So if you want to contact me, you have three options:

1)      PM me on the forums.

2)      Send me an IG message to KingS TribaL18

3)      Add me on Skype: thecapitalist5

Outside of Tribal Wars, I’m a student in the UK, currently studying for my GCSEs. I like reading and writing (hence my becoming a blogger), and I enjoy playing amateur tennis. And any time spent not doing the above, or studying, is spent doing Tribal Wars.

I’m really looking forward to blogging for all of you, and respond well to constructive imput, but please, no trolling for trolling’s sake.

So, on the subject of W62. In the first blog, I will essentially be doing a short overview of W62, and of all the major events that have occurred so far.  Topics such as the Axe! Breakup, the various players vying for rank 1, the war in K45, the coalition of tribes against Rabid, the O_o-NiNjAh war, and the RUM !!-Deceit and Panic-Deceit wars will all be featured, at least in passing.

The bulk of the blog will be on the tribe Rabid, and the various conflicts it has been involved in. It will feature a history of its time in W62, stats and information from the Rabid-iHate (& Co) war, and interviews from leaders of both sides of afore mentioned war.

Since this blog is really just an introductory one, the proper one will be coming very shortly, hopefully within the next couple of days. If you have any questions, suggestions, or information, please get in contact by any of the three means listed at the start of this blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and remember to look out for my next blog. I will end with a map of the top 15 tribes of W62, just to make this page a little more colourful and informative.

That’s All for Today