World 62: An Update

July 25, 2012 in World 062 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Welcome to the World 62 Blog! I’m Ampatriot, and here is your blog!

Unfortunately due to time issues with the interviews, the edition featuring DA will be postponed until a later date.

Firstly, since the last edition of the blog was published, a war has broken out between Org. and a coalition of tribes led by Anti-.

Since this point, it seems that both tribes have launched ops on each other, Org.’s attacks being quite a bit more successful thus far.

Anti- has enlisted the aid of several other tribes, k44 and -ITS- taking the largest role so far. Both are also trailing Org. in conquers. 

Org. has made quite a bit of progress so far, as shown below on the conquer map. Org’s conquers are in blue, while the vils taken by the coalition are marked in pink.

I spoke with a member of the Anti- leadership regarding the war, and how the hostilities began.

¬†“What has happened is that Org sought to dominate our diplomacy during our alliance. They were Fixated and obsessed with destroying all former Rabid players, regardless of their involvement in the Rabid war.

¬†Despite being more involved in that war than them, we got over it and merged in Bwak (ex-Rabids). Clearly they didn’t like it, and so we made attempts to both pacify their hostilities and gain extra security in case they attacked. Obviously they heard things and thought we were going to attack, which was mistaken. They found their justification, right or wrong, to declare war without looking like twats.

He didn’t seem very hopeful about his tribe’s prospects in the war, but told me that he plans on continuing the fight as long as he can.

Looking at the statistics, I am not very much surprised. I mean we are a smaller tribe taking on the world’s no.1. The only benefit we have right now is our cluster, which makes moving through it slow for an enemy.
We lack powerful allies so we are really trying to fight this war alone. So unless someone jumps on board to turn the tide, I reckon Org may very well win, gain a serious power boost, and be on the home run to winning the world.


Another declaration of war appeared several hours ago as Panic! declared war on A*R.

This war will likely shape the future of the south, as two of the largest tribes in the southern half of the world will now be going at it.

I didn’t get in touch with either side before the publishing of this blog, but I will include statistics and both side’s take on this war in my next edition.


*The next blog edition will feature multiple interviews (something I will attempt to do at the end of each month)

*I’d like to start some sort of weekly/bi-weekly competition, so please submit your ideas to me

*As always you can contact me in game (itsmehere), via the forums, or via skype

*I will be postponing my issue on DA until a later date