World 62: An Introduction

July 15, 2012 in World 062 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Welcome to the World 62 Blog! I am Ampatriot, and this is your blog!

This edition will briefly overview each of the top ten tribes, their relations to each other, and a current map of this world.



Örg. is currently ranked first on World 62, and holds control over much of the central/northern territory of the world. (dominant in k’s 24,25,34, 43,44) They currently hold diplomacy with several tribes, giving them an even larger area of influence. They are not currently participating in any major wars, and have lately been simply solidifying their continental control. Org. has been publicly allied with Panic! for the majority of this world’s existence, the combined might of which has stopped many tribes from declaring on either.


Panic! has dominance over much of the southwest corner of World 62, with k dominance in 53,54,62,63, and 64. Allied with Org., they are steadily growing in the south, recently expanding their dominance in k54. Panic! shares a large border with A*R to their south and east, and a growing border with DA to their northeast. Currently they have by far the highest point per player average, sustaining large growth with a relatively small number of members.



Undy was formed by ex-Insane players who left Insane due to issues with that tribe’s leadership. Several members of Anti- had good relations with the newly formed tribe, and left Anti- to join Undy. Undy’s diplomatic situation is still not fully clear, as they were formed quite recently. However, they dominate k’s 36,45,46,47,48 and 58, which gives them an extensive border with the tribe Agency. While they did take a number of Anti- players, it does appear that the two tribes are still on good terms. Anti- and Org. comprise much of Undy’s western border at this time, which will make for some tricky political maneuvering in the near future.


Agency is a premade, the majority of their members joining some time after the initial opening of the world. Becoming a “rim premade” has enabled them to dominate the southeastern corner of the world, holding k dominance in k’s 56,57,66,67,76, and 77. Currently they are skirmishing with the tribe BloodP, and also fighting with the tribe No! which is located to the north of them. Agency is leading  in both skirmishes by a sizable margin of conquers.


A*R began with a small group of players from w60, and through a merge with RoMe, and the recruiting of several ex-Caaarl player, have come to dominate much of the central south. Currently they have k dominance in k’s 65,74,75 and 85. They are located between Panic! and Agency, and directly to the south of DA. This position is certainly not ideal, even though they seem to have their backline successfully under control.


DA is located in the core of the world, sharing borders with most of W62’s superpowers. They have dominance only in k55, but hold large amounts of territory in k45 and k54 as well. Recently they took on and defeated FCUK, in (sad to say) one of the largest wars that this world has seen thus far. DA is certainly not in an ideal strategic position, and will have to be quite careful politically in the near future. However, they have shown that they can fight efficiently, as evidenced by the war with FCUK. DA will be an interesting tribe to watch over the next weeks/months, as their diplomatic decisions will certainly shape the core of this world.


Honor is located in the northwest corner of the world, possessing most of the rim to the north and west of Org. While I did not gain much information about them, I did gather that they are for all practical purposes the basher tribe of Org. Through the last few weeks they have continued to steadily absorb the northern rim, clearing out rim tribes such as 1ns4n3.


Anti is currently ranked 8th in the world, and is dominant in k35. Formed by a merge between the tribes [TT], Wolves, and Pigs, they have gained ground through a war on Rabid, and from fighting smaller tribes in their area. Currently they face no substantial threats as they hold diplomacy with the major tribes in their area. Despite losing several members recently to Undy (former members of Bwak!) their relationship with that tribe seems to have remained friendly.


Unfortunately the leadership of ADD did not get back to me, so my information on them is a bit limited. They currently dominate 4 continents (41,42,51 and 52) and share a large border with Panic!, as well as neighboring Org. and Honor to the north. Some recent losses to Honor may point to a more intensified skirmish with that tribe, even though ADD’s chances are rather poor due to their proximity to both Org. and Panic!


Auphan is located in the northeastern corner of the world, and holds dominance in k’s 26 and 27. They were formed by a group of gamers named the Auphan Clan, and are making their first tribal wars appearance on this world. Over the past few weeks they have recruited many nearby players to solidify their grasp on the northeast corner. With Org. on their western flank, and Undy to the south, Auphan certainly will face some challenges in the near future.

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