World 6 is being boring..

March 18, 2009 in Uncategorized, World 006 News

Dying Of Boredom


Just here to make sure i get a post in for the week,

I would write about something happening in World 6 but as you can see by my title, World 6 is being boring and nothing important or exciting is happening it’s like watching a turtle cross the ocean which is boring and long-lasting,

I wish something was happening but all that is going on is ODA raising, ODD raising, Points increasing, Points decreasing, Ranks lowering, Ranks rising, Tribes falling, & Tribes bonding.

The basics of war if anyone has anything to bring up that is new in World 6 or that is beneficial to the exsitence of our universe and World 6 please get in touch with me.

Because as it stands i can’t bring funny and heart-breaking topics because of nothing to talk about i mean nothing only update i can tell about is

RMC has taken 1st in Rank for W6 but is still getting Pwned by ~Or.d~ in the war.


Thanks for reading ppl,