World 6 (I’m Back)

June 1, 2009 in Special Features, Uncategorized, World 006 News

My New pic for all my posts
My New pic for all my posts








Well I was here from the beginning started out good but got sick then was busy and forgot all about my job to keep my World 6 blog readers entertained.




Well, I’m back now so let’s get on with everything.

The most amazing thing in World 6 history has occured lately, The Monument of the once great tribe  STACHE was taken,

STACHE has been gone since March 8th 2008 and the village was taken on and by:

Manoka of O~SIN on May 30th 2009

Meaning the monument lasted 1 year 2 months and 22 days.

It’s amazing to finally see new things happening in world 6,

But still the wars are un-changed and everyone is still fighting but it is not as serious as it was from the start, people have calmed down and attacks are just going out for new villages and not as a big thing any longer.

Hopefully something changes soon like someone switches sides, a duke quits, a tribe disbands.

All in good time though it shall happen hopefully soon though.

Well this is just my return post everyone knows i like  big posts and i did’nt want my return speech very long so i hope everyone has a great Summer break and continue playing Tw.

I hate to see old friends quit.    :)

Long Post Coming Soon…