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June 23, 2009 in World 006 News

Hello Great Blog readers still out there, I have a crazy Post to put up today probably the first and ever crazy one I have ever done and will do.

This is just a post to give people a good laugh I might do one every month and have 2 informal post and 1 random post.


(These things were asked to be posted)

Pajuno Is now Known as Shrek

This is mrea007’s Exam results lmao,



Well that’s that now let’s get down to the other stuff,

RMC and ~Or.d~ are still at war and ~Or.d~ is still ahead in total conquers against the opposite side.

O~SIN seems to be finally making a recovery.

And RMC I know are still fighting back just as everyone else.

I take open suggestions so please world 6 players give suggestions, So I will know more of what you guy’s want to hear about no matter what it is, Just nothing inappropriate.