World 59, Edition #2 – “One Continent to Rule Them All”

November 4, 2011 in World 059 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News


“One Continent to rule them all, One Continent to find them,
One Continent to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

Now that I’m done with another one of my corny titles, I’d like to welcome you all to Edition #2 of the World 59 blog! I hope you all enjoyed Edition #1 and I left you hungry for more. This edition will be based entirely on the continents of World 59. Since there are so many, I brought in a fine list of guest bloggers to lead the charge. Please note that not all guest blogs on the continents have been submitted yet and I will update this post as more become available, so be sure to check back! If your continent isn’t talked about, feel free to write about it and I’ll put it up!

As I said, I recruited a number of guest bloggers for this edition. This is something I want to do on a regular basis, as I believe that it helps keep the community and myself closer together. It’s also a nice refresher for me personally to see what all of your views on the happenings of World 59. So, without further ado, I give you the continents of World 59 presented by the guest bloggers:

K44, presented by Usey11

K44 is a very packed continent with MANY tribes populating it. It is home to one of the most anticipated premades “WobWob”. Anyway on to the current standing of the continent, the top 5 tribes in the continent are 420, “Mercs!”, “-PRO-”, “TakeIT” and “ROBO”.

“420 Legion” have 63 villages in the continent which is pretty much all the tribe, spare 2 of their members who are right next to it. However they are spread out across pretty much the whole continent. As a tribe they seem to be pretty good being rank 9 with rank 8 OD.  They have a decent average points per players however I think that they have too many players which means that is is going to be VERY difficult for them to grow as individual members in the future.

I think that the same thing is to be said about “Mercs!” with 71 of their 74 members in the continent however even though they have more members they aren’t as strong as “420” and can see that at least 4 of their members seem to be dead weights on the tribe. There OD is OK compared to their rank but not very good. There average points per player are also pretty poor. If this tribe does keep going I think that they are also going to be confined by the amount of members they have in this continent especially the dense population of them in the south-east of the continent.

Third in this continent is “-PRO-”. They have slightly less members in the continent and a decent spread; there OD is pretty low however they have decent average points per member. They are also like all the rest of these top 5 tribes in the continent confined by their dense population inside this continent.

“TakeIt” have 66 out of there 68 members inside the continent which is the highest after “Mercs!”. The spread of this tribe is pretty poor with most of their members in the south-west corner of the continent. They have the worst OD out of all the top 5 tribes in this continent as well as the worst rank.

Finally in the top 5 is “ROBO”. Alone they only occupy 48 villages in this continent however with the academy tribe they would occupy 76 villages. Unlike the rest of the top 5 tribes they don’t seem to be only based inside this continent. The tribe has a pretty poor OD however their average is pretty good considering their size.

Overall I highly doubt any of these top 5 tribes are going to survive with their best players leaving to join other smaller tribes that will spring up. Three tribes to look out for inside this continent are “~ONE~”, Roger and WobWob. These three tribes alone take up 10 of the top 20 players inside this continent.

The map shows the top 5 tribes and where they populate K44.
Thanks you for reading this all (if you did) and stay tuned with Kayg’s blog to hear more.



K56, presented by Anonymous

1 Thorns 30.930 51

49 Crown of Thorns 33.243 ODA

40 Crown of Thorns 17.187 ODD


Thorns Used to be snipers, Until the main family tribe “Snipe” Disbanded.

They appear to still be on the bad side of shAve, as the family Decleared war on shave a few days before falling apart.

Not bad, ODA and ODD, though probably mainly from shAve and them trying to take each other out.


2 SNL 29.144 57

101 Sexy Necrophiliac Llamas 13.480 ODA

232 Sexy Necrophiliac Llamas 3.155 ODD

A New addition to the top 6 of K56. Them and Plague jumped up there when the two biggest sniper tribes fell.

ODA and ODD are a bit low compared to the rest of the tribes in K56, probably because they are avoiding wars at all costs.


3 Plague 29.116 32

22 Black Plague 58.795 ODA

189 Black Plague 4.743 ODD

Again, another new addition due to the fall of the snipe family.

Decent ODA which means they are actively clearing there areas, as well as a low member count. Which means in the future they will give shAve and the other K56 tribes a run for their money.


4 shAve 26.797 16

12 Shave It! 92.823 ODA

52 Shave It! 16.023 ODD


Possibly the most talked about K56 Tribe, A Premade lead by Jackandcoke. They have already ended up declared on by the Snipe family, then two days later the family fell apart.

Really, From the outside of the tribe it looks sound, Who knows what hides behind the hood though. Definitely a trieb to keep an eye on however.

5 R.S.P 16.698 32

88 Rainbow Spewing Pandas 17.175 ODA

273 Rainbow Spewing Pandas 2.333 ODD

To be honest, I do not know much about this tribe.

6 Snipe! 15.634 24

173 Snipers! 5.573 ODA

123 Snipers! 8.792 ODD

There family Declared on shAve, and then two days later fell apart. Now it seems they are trying to revive it.

Wish them good luck, as i’m sure shAve is still actively hitting them.


K46, presented by wulrusinmybedsheets

Top Tribes:

This continent is an interesting one for sure, the top tribes as of today are as follows:


Rank                  Tribe name                  Points                  Villages

1                  No0bs                                  39.772                    39

2                  -GOD-                                  39.474                    48

3                  CAN                                  25.422                    16


No0bs and –GOD- are pretty much even in terms of points, However –GOD- do have 9 more players in this continent, I expect to see No0bs extend this lead over –GOD- over the coming weeks. The most interesting tribe in this continent has to be the tribe CAN, Contumacious And Nerdy. This is a pre-made led by the moderators and extremely experienced U6s5l. and Humbletree.  They are sitting in third in this continent, 15k points behind the two ahead, however have a mere 16 members in this continent which is less than half of the tribes ahead. Can, although behind in rankings in K46, is the only of the top three tribes in this continent to place in the overall top 20 tribes. The reason that CAN is higher up the rankings overall in comparison to No0bs and –GOD- becomes clear when continent player rankings are considered.

K46 Top player rankings.

Rank                  Name                                      Tribe                  Points                  Villages

1                  Eris Esoteric                        CAN                                 4.557                  1

2                  AxlTheCat                        CAN                                 3.818                  1

3                  FuFu Khan                        CAN                                 3.096                  1

4                  Garagna                              N/A                     2.639                  1

5                  Osviux                                      Ya Bro             2.267                  1

6                  Elaborate Room     Ya Bro             1.907                  1

7                  beardsy                                     CAN                                 1.866                  1

8                  krdar                                    -GOD-                  1.790                  1

9                  rasher3                        Mole!                  1.710                  1

10         wildhockeyfan10   Ya Bro                  1.709                  1

11                  traxdara                     =GTC=                  1.705                  1


This table shows why I personally see CAN as the main threat in k46. They currently have the top three ranks in the continent locked out, with another member also placing in the top 10. Another interesting point to note from this, is the number of –GOD- and No0bs players in the top ten. Between the two tribes they have 1 player. This would lead me to believe that these two tribes are merely mass-recruiters. It will be interesting to see how long these two tribes last once the nobles come out, I would predict not long. The advantage that CAN have is the fact that they are Premade. This means the loyalty to the tribe is far greater than in other tribes, which would suggest the players are less likely to be dumped if they get attacked, and are far more likely to receive decent support from other members as they have already all been together for 17 days. This is an advantage which also benefits the players in CAN, as they are unlikely to be removed from the helm of K46.

The top three in more detail….

Rank                  Name                                      Tribe                  Points                  Villages

1                  Eris Esoteric                        CAN                                 4.557                  1


Eris Esoteric, the former rank one, is average position, they are over 700 points clear at the top, and have a very good ODA which suggests they have cleared their area well. However a limiting factor may be the fact that the are on the far edge of CAN, with support from over members being a few days off. Another factor that may lead to limited growth is the lack of good targets around. The only players above 1.5k in good nobling range are in the world rank 1 tribe Ya Bro, and vastly out number him if they were to work together. Eris Esoteric  is rank 3 in the world, but will rise up to rank 1 very soon.


Rank                  Name                                      Tribe                  Points                  Villages

2                  AxlTheCat                        CAN                                 3.818                  1


AxlTheCAt is currently rank 4 in the world, he has benefits over Eris in a few ways. He is closer to the heart of CAN territory, which means support, if needed, would be far quicker. Despite this, I would consider close tribe mates to be a limiting factor, especially for a player who clearly does a lot of farming, as they will take away resources from axl, ultimately limiting his growth. This means that Axl will most liking be looking to noble further away if he wishes to continue to grow at this rapid rate. Something that benefits axl are far fewer threats in his area of K46 than in Eris’s.


Rank                  Name                                      Tribe                  Points                  Villages

3                  FuFu Khan                        CAN                                 3.096                  1


Fufu khan is in what I would consider to be a poor position. They have a relatively low ODA which may mean they haven’t effectively cleared their area. They have a couple of 1k+ players relatively close, which could be decent enough targets, but perhaps not big enough. Similarly to AxlTheCat, Fufu khan has a lot of tribe mates in a very close radius, which on top of the larger players around will limit growth. They have several threats in the area also, some from Ya Bro, nevertheless, nearby tribe mates may compensate for this threat.


K64, presented by -Zabimaru-

1 VNM 31.856 29
2 MAD 26.912 31
3 TGF 26.485 54
4 SKY 26.140 37
5 PITA 25.770 13

Statistically, K64 is in the hands of mass-recruiters. If you look at these top 4 tribes, they have overcome PITA through the use of the invite button after PITA rose to the top following the collapse of the AC Family. With the top tribe, VNM, enjoying 6k points ahead of PITA but having 16 more members (thats about the equivalent of 3 PITA members), one can see where the future of this K will go. PITA has reached nobles on several accounts with many approaching noble capabilities. With the avg pt of players in K64 so drastically favoring PITA, tribes of K64 will need to reevaluate their strategies as we enter the nobling phase.

As a bonus treat, an interview with Or-El about the premades of World 59 by wulrusinmybedsheets.


I thought I would start with something on the simple lines, what is your past experience within the game TW?


I began playing tribal wars close to 4 years ago, I believe. I began in World 16, under the account name of orel1. I’ve always been vocal on the forums, but I learned the game in that world and in World 24. Played in at least 2 tribes that are now in the end-game phase and will win the world, been every position possible in a tribe, and am a forum moderator on two servers of Tribal wars.


How does being a forum moderator affect how you play the game?


Being a forum moderator affects me in the sense that I have to maintain professional decorum on the forums, while also engaging in propaganda. I have to be very careful to ensure that I don’t give the moderation team a bad name, but also balance that with the need to use propaganda on my enemies, ad a large part of my gameplay style revolves around PnP and diplomacy image

Wulrus: What made you want to lead a tribe on world 59, and why a pre-made not just a random?


Funnily enough, it was never my intention or idea. Nathan (humbletree) returned to Tribal wars, and one of his best friends was one of my best friends. When humbletree asked if he knew anyone who had experience leading, I believe George mentioned me, as Nathan and I had spoken before and got along fairly well. Nathan wanted the premade, he just wanted me to help lead


How do you think the players in your pre-made shape up?


We have our fair share of all types of players. We shied away from taking the “l33t” players who quit after startup. We’re in it for the long-haul, and I feel our players are good at any stage of the game. We may not be the best, but as a tribe I feel we’ll be able to work cohesively to become a great tribe.


A lot of other pre-mades are joining this world as well as yours, which ones do you think will stand out?



I definitely think the 4zl premade will get a lot of strength, as they’re a group that has worked together very well before on W55. WobWob too is notable, tribes that are led by fun-loving leaders tend to do very well and work as a group. There are others, such as SH.IT, which have good lineups but I don’t know much about. I think WobWob, 4zl’s premade, and SH.IT are the main ones to watch though. Oh, and Sick!. They’re also a good tribe to watch for the SE (I believe that’s where they went)


Why do you think that out of the number of pre-mades that start worlds so few make it to the final quarter?


Truth be told, I believe it’s because of the mentality of most premades. They are resistant to change such as leadership shifting when players quit, recruiting other players, and tend to go inactive due to other friends quitting. I believe if more of them weren’t so “l33t” in the sense that they care most about startup and mid-game, not winning, they’d do far better in winning worlds


Nearing the end now, second last question, are you ready?


Oh, of course I’m ready, the world is set and I’m gonna enjoy it, as will the premade I hope :). We’re about as ready as a dog is for water after drowning…I mean…bad analogy, never mind. But yeah, we’re good


Finally, favorite chocolate?


Actually, I like dark chocolate, anything German preferably…the bitterness meshes well with my heartless soul


In conclusion, I would personally like to add a few things:

  • More guest blogs about different continents will be added as they’re submitted to me. I don’t have all of them yet.
  • If your continent isn’t talked about above, feel free to get ahold of me via the forums or email to write one for it.
  • The views above do not reflect mine personally, they are strictly those of the guest bloggers and shouldn’t be taken to offensively.
  • If you would like to contribute to the World 59 blog, please feel free to email me at, I’m always happy to have more contributers.
I hope you all enjoyed Edition #2, please feel free to add suggestions or criticism as you see fit. I’m taking suggestions for Edition #3 which I would like to have out sometime next week if anyone has any suggestions. Until next time,