World 59, Edition #1 – “U mad, bro?”

October 31, 2011 in World 059 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

World 59, Edition #1 - "U Mad, Bro?"Hey everyone, Welcome to the first edition of the World 59 blog! I hope you all are as excited as I am to get this rolling. I want to start by saying that I would love to hear from anyone who has questions, suggestions, or criticism for me. You can reach me at or by PMing me on the forums. As more blogs are posted, you will be able to find links to all of them as well as my thread on the Tribal Wars forums here. In this edition, I want to present some of the up and coming players and tribes in World 59 to start to get familiar with the world. While we are only a few weeks in, there a quite a few tribes and players that have defined themselves from the pack.        The Top 10 TribesAt the time of publication, the top 10 tribes are as follows:

Rank Tag Points of best 40 Total Points Members Average points per member Villages Average points per village
1 Ya Bro 64,477 65,505 42 1,560 44 1,489
2 Umad? 47,951 71,336 72 991 72 991
3 CA 46,723 66,525 67 993 67 993
4 ~GLAD~ 44,936 45,466 41 1,109 41 1,109
5 ~ONE~ 42,494 50,383 55 916 55 916
6 =GTC= 42,089 61,488 74 831 74 831
7 ROBO 41,964 64,076 74 866 74 866
8 shAve 41,660 41,660 30 1,389 30 1,389
9 420 40,541 61,356 71 864 71 864
10 VIRUS 39,128 56,182 67 839 67 839

Darthmoleman from the TW Forums was nice enough to provide this awesome graphic that gives a good idea of how each tribe falls on the map:

World 59 Top 10 Tribes
While the #1 and #2 tribes are Ya Bro and U Mad?, respectively, there is a large difference in the two tribes. Ya Bro has 65,505 total points while U Mad? has 71,336 total points. Where Ya Bro starts pulling away, however, is when you get into the top 40 points. They have a whopping 64,477 top 40 player’s points, which is the most in the World by almost 20,000 points. So, while Ya Bro and U Mad? are both tight in the rankings, they seem to have two different approaches. Ya Bro is seemingly taking more of a quality over quantity approach (they only have 41 members compared to U Mad?’s 72) while U Mad? seems to be going more for the “mob mentality” effect.
Moving farther down the leaderboard, you run into CA. They are approximately the same amount of members, average points, total points, and top 40 points as U Mad?, so it will be interesting to see if they have conflict later down the road.
Bring up the #4 and #5 spots are ~GLAD~ and ~ONE~. Unlike how CA and U Mad? are similar, ~GLAD~ and ~ONE~ are somewhat closer to the likeness of Ya Bro with a higher top 40 points and a lower total amount of members.
#6 through #10, in order, are =GTC=, ROBO, shAve, 420, and VIRUS. While these tribes are still fighting to join the top 5 tribes, I expect to see a few of the move up in the coming weeks. ShAve has the second highest average points per player out of the top 10 tribes, so it would not surprise me to see them grow greatly soon.
And, of course, once you move outside the top 10, there are plenty of other good tribes just waiting for the right time to explode into the top 10. I believe PITA to be one of such tribes, especially given their high average points per player.
The Top 10 Players
As follows are the top 10 players at the publishing time of this article:
Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Avg points per village
1 runtou Ya Bro 4,765 2 2,383
2 minew Ya Bro 4,430 2 2,215
3 Eris Esoteric CAN 4,023 1 4,023
4 i am the candyman Force 3,141 1 3,141
5 FaceBook Staulkers shAve 3,012 1 3,012
6 StoryTime shAve 2,882 1 2,882
7 AxlTheCat CAN 2,848 1 2,848
8 swivil Ya Bro 2,830 1 2,830
9 Special Brew. VS 2,720 1 2,720
10 Raging Hurricane PITA 2,685 1 2,685
This early in the world, it is hard to tell who will continue to remain dominant and what players are simply biding their time outside the top 10.
Minew was the first player in World 59 to gain a second village and held the #1 spot for awhile, but Runtou took her (thanks Idotzl) second village today and has since past Minew.
There isn’t too much to discuss about the top players until more time has unfolded, but I will be monitoring their growth and keep you updated.
In conclusion, I hope you all enjoyed my first publication. This was my first expedition into TW blogging and I wanted to take a little while to familiarize myself and all of you about the top tribes & players so far. Please feel free to comment below or get in contact with me without questions, concerns, and criticism.
In the next edition of the World 59 blog, I will be breaking down the most hyped continents in World 59 so far,  so be sure to check back soon. Thanks for reading.
Until next time,