W58- Competition fun for all!

November 1, 2011 in World 058 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Did someone say prizes!?!


Hello World 58 and I hope you all had Happy Halloween!

This version of the blog will contain the usual, maps, updates, facts and statistics, and much more.. I have also included a competition- This is the first for the world and I hope to see lots of talented and fun loving entries!

So another look at the statistics!

Total number of players: 26,126 players  (20:30- 01/11/11)  -10,904

Total number of tribes: 1,946 tribes  (20:30- 01/11/11) -462

 World Map: No Markings (01/11/11- 20:30):

World Map: Top 5 Tribes (01/11/11- 20:30):


I must say I was very sad to see the fall of PACMAN, I personally thought that that tribe just like many others had true potential to win the world I thank them for the dedication to helping with interviews and wish them the best of luck in future worlds!


And now its competition time!

Novembers great comedy strips!


To compete, each entrant must create a fun, suitable and creative comic strip that sums up the progress of any one tribe within the top 10 tribes in the world and can be based on a recent event or even progress since the world began.. You can chose your time range! You can also chose what tribe you will base your design on as long as the tribe is within the top 10 of the world! The winners will be posted in the next edition of the World 58 Blog and will also be announced in the External forums.

The winners will be determined by a poll that will be created in the External Forums, each and every person in the forums will have the ability to vote for the most suitable and attractive comic strips.



1. The comic strip must abide by all forum rules!

2. Each comic strip MUST be entered into the External Forums by Tuesday 8th November 00:00 Server Time.

3. You may only submit 1 comic strip per account.

4. Each entry must be posted in the External Forums in  the thread that was made for this purpose: ‘Competition Comic Strip!



1st place- 200 premium points

2nd place- 100 premium points

3rd place- 60 premium points


GOOD LUCK to all entrants and please remember to have fun!