World 57:Both sides of the Moon

July 18, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 blog! I of course am Ampatriot…. and this is your blog! This edition features an interview with Moon, the leader of the tribe XIII. However, the player known as Moon is not merely composed of a single player, so both players on the account decided to answer my questions.

I have been asked for some time now to speak to a top player, or leader in this world. I finally have gotten around to acquiescing to that demand. Moon came to my mind instantly when thinking of a top leader, so I contacted him in-game. Both players were more than helpful, and answered all questions that I posed to them.

I have the questions listed below, with my question, and then the answer by each.

Personally, how are things going for you as a player?

Brian: I feel like the account is in a good place right now. We had a bad start, having an extremely active 7×7 and running into quite a few spiked farms, but once axes were researched, we took a step forward and cleared quite a few players. We were in the top 10 of ODA at one point. Now I feel like we have a good troop count in all of our villages, there is a steady flow of resources incoming and we’re progressing great.

Brandon: Well the co-playing has gone really well, and with having 1k farms and 12k hauls it really speaks for itself, although now our game is starting to pick up… From now it will all come down to my offensive tactics and milisecond timeing with Icy’s defensive structural planning to where we go from here.

Can you explain some of the strategy that defines you as a player?

Brian: Well I’ve always been more of a defensive player. I use a combination of a few defensive strategies, though I must admit, I’ve never played a paladin weapon world, so this will be different. Combined with the offensive styles of Brandon (my coplayer) we’re going to have a unique style of play thats going to wow our enemies.

Brandon: Well I personally play the game for the love of tribal leadership, which people in past have rated me very highly. I use trickery, (not dirty play) sub second timing, and a vast knowledge of the game to plan almost every move, generally to sucess.

How did you choose the name Moon?

Brian: Brandon played under the name Moon when I met him in w56 but I think it has to do with his ‘space theme’ names. He played under the name mercuary in his first world.

Brandon: Well as Brian said, I played on Mercuary on World 1, and I have never followed with that name or a similar name, and I needed a new name anyways due to spam fan mail for other names, so I continued the space theme.

Does your tribes name hold any signifigance? How did you decide upon it?

Brian: It just sounds good I guess. Brandon used to have a name for his tribe that held significance to him but a few weeks before the world came out, he changed the name of the tribe to this. I get alot of mails asking me if its the same XIII from other worlds, but its not.

Brandon: I have had a tribe name which has been at heart for a long time to me personally, but I wanted a change as it was getting a bit much. Also good friend of mine Pongdang, a legend on world 26,  suggested using this name.

Has everything concerning your tribe gone as planned so far?

Brian: Some things have gone different but I think the tribe is still headed in the right direction. like all premades, many of the original people quit but I think we held out good. I was hoping for 50-60 to be our member cap, but it’s slightly exceded that so hopefully in the next few weeks, we’ll cut down.

Brandon: Well the answer is  yes and a no.
This world, I have done more background work to my usual leadership approach, and with our so called mass recruit stage, I was not at all happy with. This goes against all the fundamentals I have tried to lead by, and abide by in this world. This is down to 2 reasons; firstly wanting to try a new style, the second being having a co-player. I normally prefer to lead solo, with a group of advisiors to voice opinions, as I use much outside say in my personal leadership style, which I will be discussing more later.

What wars (if any) are you fighting in at the moment?

Brian: I wouldn’t call it a war exactly but 6pac have declared war on us. We are kind of fighting them but by no means are we really focusing ourselves 100%. The stats shown are pretty even but I’m sure if we set up a few ops we’d finish them…not to sound cocky :p

Brandon: We are in a somewhat pathetic war with 6 pac: we take them out, they restart, we noble a barb, wars stats stay the same, then they recruit 2 new replacements. So we can’t really be bothered now.

How would you describe your mentality regarding your tribe, and then World 57 in general?

Brian: I look at the tribe as elite. We might have lost a few of the elite players we had from the premade, but i still feel it’s an elite tribe. Still in the late start up phase, it’ll be a few more weeks before elite tribes will be defined but I know we’ll be there. As for World 57 in general, I’m not a big fan of the settings, and as of right now, there isnt too much competition. As of right now, I see Where? as the biggest threat in this world. ARMADA has numbers but I think they lack the skill to go too far, though I must admit theyve gone far for a mass recruit tribe.

Brandon: Well in this world i am following my own unique style which has a sort of love or hate response. Usually the more experianced the player, the more they like the style. While having that very same twist as i was speaking about ealier, whith the plan of going for an elitest attiude.

What are your plans to grow as a tribe?

Brian: Right now we are looking to condense a bit, so we arent expanding in any particular direction, but we expect we are going to expand outwards to the core, but we haven’t been looking at specific tribes to fight.

Brandon: Well teamwork is key to any tribe. My leadership style promotes the ideas of teamwork, both by example and by a nudge in the right direction. I always advise people on what to do, even if they don’t necessarily want it. This leads to the tribe growing in such a way, that the further into the game we get, the stronger we grow, almost logarithmically.

Any advice or strategy tips regarding tribal leadership?

Brian: I try to lead with a firm hand, but also friendly. I goof around with the tribe and be light, but I have no problem laying down the law when it need be. I feel this is the best strategy because you gain the love and trust from your tribe, but they still respect you as their leader.

A new columnist!

While talking to Moon over the course of this interview, he (Brandon) offered his services to speak with me each week on a specified topic. I of course agreed, and starting next week, Brandon will be providing a short tutorial on a subject of his choice.

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