World 57: The Start-up Phase

June 24, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog! This week, the focus will be on strategies employed during the early game. What works best? What doesn’t work at all? Read on for all that and more!

First of all, lets begin with what startup is. To be put simply, it is the phase of the game in which players have only a single village to work with. This phase comes under the most scrutiny, as those who are best at starting up there account, usually do well with it farther into the game. There are several different styles that people use during this period, even though it seems that some are favored more than others. To learn more about these styles, I contacted several different players, and asked them about their strategies.

The first person that I spoke with was Jeroen, the founder of the tribe Insomnia, and a popular poster on the external forums.

Ampatriot: So Jeroen, what is your startup strategy? Could you give me a run through of what you build first?

Jeroen: I build the statue first, then start the pally recruitment, then all resource buildings to 1. After that is completed, I get the HQ to 3, and lastly the barracks. After the barracks is finished, it’s spear whoring for some time.

Ampatriot: How many spears do you normally build at that point?

Jeroen: At 50 spears I start making the smithy, I recruit 9 swordsmen, and recruit on to 66 spears. Then I start farming with 3 runs of 22 spears and 3 swords. After that… I rush light cavalry.

Ampatriot: Ahh, so do you get axes before or after lc?

Jeroen: As soon as I get to 50 LC I research axes, and by that time, the BP is usually finished

Ampatriot: So what do you do after that? Do you rush nobles?

Jeroen: I rush the full nuke actually. I don’t care too much when I noble my second village, since when I noble it, I noble a third village the day after, and a fourth village the day after that. I prefer to have a proper first village before taking my second.

Ampatriot: Ahh, I see. So your first village is offensive… what is your second village?

Jeroen: Offense, and my third village is offense as well. mostly my fourth village is offense as well, but that depends on the threats in the neighborhood. I am a very offense based played, and usually play with 95% off :)

The beginning of Jeroen’s strategy is standard, as most players begin with the resource blocks, hq and barracks. However, building a full nuke is a variation that is not as common. With full offensive firepower available however, the second, third, and fourth villages can come fairly quickly, as Jeroen stated.

Not content with merely a single start-up strategy however, I proceeded to speak with 2 other players on World 57. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost the interviews with them. (read the notes for my excuse) So… to make up for this, I have decided to reveal my own start-up strategy to the world. Is it worth it? Eh… probably not, but I will reveal it anyway.

Step 1.  I build my statue, and once it is finished, I put my paladin into production. (no buts about this, the paladin is the single most important feature of the early game phase, as it allows quick farming, and protects the spears that you are given via the tutorial)

Step 2. I build my resource blocks to level 1, and my headquarters to level 3. (this gives a small production of resources, which supplements farming for a while) I then build my barracks, and start building spears.

Step 3. Build more spears! This also involves farming with them, as I send out farming runs as quickly as possible. Non-stop farming is the key to the early game, as very simply, wheover farms the most… will grow the fastest.

Step 4. I build my barracks up some more, and then build the smithy. I continue farming (I do not build swords) and wait until it is possible to get axes. When possible, I research these, and send them with my spears on farming runs

Step 5. Farm, Farm, Farm (I continue to farm all the time, using all resources taken in to make more spears  and axes) During this time, I also build my headquarters to level 10, and my barracks and smithy to level 5. (I usually research scouts as soon as I can build my stable)

Step 6. Once I have about 150 spears, and 200 some axes (sometimes a little less) I research light cavalry. Lc are definitely the best friend of players in the early game, as you can send fast, efficient farm runs with them. Once researched, I build them non-stop, along with axes.

Step 7. I then rush nobles. Sometimes, (depending on what sort of neighbors I have) I will research catapaults or rams along the way, but this in general slows me down. For the sake of this, I will say that I go straight for nobles. With axes and lc recruiting aroun the clock, I build up my smithy, headquarters, and market.

Step 8. Build the academy, and research nobles. I like to get a full train (since it is a coin world) which involves a lot more farming, and devoting that to coins.

Step 9. Once I have my train built, I send it at a village outside of my 15×15 area. (A village within my 15×15 is usually my farm… and overlapping farms is quite inneficient)

Step 10. Keep farming!

And that about wraps up my strategy. From what I have heard, this is fairly standard… even though I am not sure completely what is the norm. This has worked well for me, even though my method has evolved over the several worlds that I have played.

I apologize for the lateness of this issue, and I will try to get my next one out much quicklier. Thanks for your patience… and I hope that this issue was acceptable (even without the interviews that I would have liked to included)

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