World 57: HEAD vs Hard

July 21, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog! This edition features the premiere of my new format, which splits the blog into several sections. Please let me know how you like it.

World 57 Map



*Firstly, please let me know how you like this new format. It is quite lengthy, but hopefully it is not too much to handle.

*The next blog will be a “Where are they now?” edition, focusing on what happened to the premade tribes that were covered earlier. Also, I will plan on covering the top 5 players, something that I decided not to do in this edition

Current Wars

At this stage of the world, there are countless “wars” going on. The vast majority of them are merely skirmishes, that the rest of the world could hardly care less about. However, I have found several, that at the least merit some stats being posted in their regard. In particular, the war between HEAD and HARD! piqued my attention, and I spoke with several members of each side. The statistics are below, along with each side of the war representation of it.


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My discussion with Giacmo was not nearly as long as that with Perpetual Motion, so if anyone feels that the discrepancy in length favors one side, my apologies.


HARD! SelectShow


HEAD seems to have the clear advantage so far, but the war is far from over. However,  at this stage of the world… most tribes do not survive losing villages like this, 5 villages mean that 5 players have been rimmed.

Armada vs AnD


Armada has just declared on Armed and Dangerous, over an alleged NAP violation. As of yet, not much information has surfaced, but it seems as if AnD launched attacks on an Armada player, possibly by mistake. Armada has taken a single village from their adversaries so far.


This war has just begun, but it could turn out to be quite an important one should it carry on. Armada is significantly larger than AnD (they are significantly larger than any other tribe for that matter) and they have the advantage in villages/points. However, this early in the world, pure skill of the players of each side will make more of a difference than the numbers.

{HDR} vs Yoda.

This war seems to be clearly going in the favor of Yoda. so far, as 4 conquers to none suggests that {HDR} has not been fighting back effectively at all.Simply put, {HDR} needs to pick up the pace.

RAZOR & Yakura vs Night


An excellent PnP on the external forums heralded the beginning of this war. Yakura and Razor are both massive tribes, each well over 100 strong. Night however only possesses 13 members. However, Night is currently winning this war, ahead by one conquer.

Interview: Hunterwhoshotbambismom

Well firstly, what inspired you to create your tribe? (Where?)

I’d attempted to make a premade before on W42, went in with 12members that i picked up a week or so before and failed miserably.Had some very competent players but i wasn’t that active and we merged into another tribe causing some of my original members to break off(funny enough the leader of the tribe we merged into is a good friend of mine now and is in Where?).So i decided i would try my hand at it again and gave myself more time(started talking to people in December).This will most likely be my last world and wanted to finish off with friends

You are leaving the game after this world?

Why is that?

I’ve done most of what i can do on TW,getting very repetative at this stage

Theres also the fact that now TW have pretty much made Bots legal along with other things so the games no longer about “skill” its just who has the better script

Ahh, that is true I suppose

Well anyway, where in W57 are you located?

We Started in K44/34/43 mainly but at the moment we’re in K34,35,36,43,44,46,53

So Where? is quite spread out?

We are, and at the same time we’re not. We are pretty clustered across K44/43/34/53

So is there any strategy behind the recruiting over such a wide area?

The original players I recruited in K35/46 I knew prior to this world, and then recruited some of the competent players around them to cluster up.

So what is your plan going forward?

Most tribes try to consolidate at first,

but being so spread out might make that difficult.

Clustering to much can cause problems, it depends on who your hitting and making sure your not going to get isolated members into trouble.Of course we have lost some of the isolated members over the past few weeks though.Growing towards the same K so we meet up with the isolated guys

That makes sense.

So diplomatically, what is happening with your tribe?

Any wars yet? And any alliances that you can speak of?

No wars,couple tribes being silly but no wars. We have one NAP,not much of a secret but none the less i wont say who with yet

How about plans for expansion? What is your tribes focus at this point?

I’m watching several tribes and at this point im not sure who’s strong and who’s not. They go up and down in my head,they do good things and then do something i don’t agree with and then do something good again.Focus at this point is just to make sure everyone is secure in their area,looking at the bigger picture as well but can’t say anything at this point

Alright, one last question

In your mind, how do you create a successful tribe?

Your premade seems to have turned out to be just that.

Hmm, tricky question. Could write a book on that question but will try to keep it short lol. There are many ways you could make a successful tribe but within that it depends on many different things, D4 had a lot of potential with Inc because of his members.If they had got to 10 villas each they would have been a tough nut to crack.ARMADA are doing it with numbers,theres a lot of ARMADA haters out there and they can flame them all they want but they are still rank 1 by over 230,000points,still rank 1 ODA/OD and have 12 top 20 members. I do think they could slim down the smaller members but they must be keeping them for something.I could comment on TAC and XIII here to but then I’ll just bore you ;P

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