World 57: An Update

September 18, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 57 Blog! Its been quite a bit since I got my last blog out… and a lot has happened during that time. In this edition I will attempt to sum it up and let you know what is going on.


*I apologize for my extended absence, but my life has been quite busy of late. I will do my best to provide a blog a week, but it will be tough.

*If I miss anything that you think is important, please let me know. I produced this edition in a rush… so I may have missed a few items.


Well first of all, about 2 weeks ago, Where? began to fall apart.  The leadership was inactive by many accounts, and several players left and formed a new tribed named E T. Eventually more Where? players joined E T and Where? was disbanded. E T has more recently recruited players formerly of Night, TAC, and also Raov (only TAC still exists, and they have dropped down to about rank 15) This recruiting of players has spiked some tensions with neighbors around E T, primarily some in the south.

Before I move onto the skirmishes that are taking place down there, I should probably state that Night fell after fighting E T. Also TAC has dropped significantly after losing many vils during the recent weeks to E T and their other neighbors.

RaoV is no more, due to leadership issues. According to sources familiar with the leadership in that tribe, the leaders simply became disinterested in continuing to lead, and the tribe fell apart from there.

Below is the world map, which shows the current positioning of the top few tribes. This does not include some other important contributors unfortunately, such as Yoda. and Train.

 HEAD and a tribe named Kool effectively merged, which has allowed HEAD to expand quite quickly lately it seems. This has also affected the war between Infamy and Yoda. directly. HEAD is allied with Infamy and joined in against Yoda. E T had been in talks with Yoda for some time, and with the declaration of HEAD, E T joined the side of Yoda.

While E T seems to be dominating on one side, HEAD and Infamy are nobling Yoda. just as fast. I spoke to both of the dukes of E T (Chris and Trent) about this subject, and they told me a bit about what got them into this war. Apparently E T and HEAD were holding a NAP until HEAD “First recruited on (E T’s) side of the border, and then they nobled a barb there” This prompted E T to drop the NAP. I then asked if E T’s affiliation with Yoda. had anything to do with the declaration, but Trent told me that this was not the case: “Well we didn’t approve of them gangbanging Yoda, but that was not our reason for voiding the NAP“.

What are your thoughts on how the war is going so far?

 Trent: Well we have yet to lose a village(not counting recaps) and we have kept nonstop pressure on them. 

Are they just focusing on the other front? 

They haven’t been gaining many villages on either front.
The only reason we don’t have more (conquers) is because HEAD players can snipe..we have yet to run into any sort of stacks.

What do you predict the future of the this war will look like?

Chris: I think HEAD within a week or so, will do a major op on us, and that the future of the war will be decided with its success or failure.

In your opinion, do they have the ability to launch a successful op on you guys? 

That depends if you see (a successful op) as a succesful attack participation wise and cordination wise, or as getting villages.
I believe HEAD’s leadership will be able to pull off good participation for an op, but I also fully believe in our defensive capabilities.

 HEAD seems preoccupied with one aspect of this war, while they are being nobled up from the north. However, their success in the south seems to be making up for that. Yoda. is being very hard pressed at the moment, as losing 50 vils a week at this stage cannot be kept up.

The other large war (some say it isn’t) is the fight between Train and PCH. In fact… its more like Train against the world, as some sources say that quite a few other tribes have been asked by PCH to join in the fray.  This is denied by PCH, but the fact is that Train is fighting multiple tribes at this time. Train has not been doing very well so far against PCH, but does not seem to be doing to bad against the others that have joined in.

What do you think about the war between pch and Train?

I wouldn’t say its a war, but looking at it with 100% objective eyes, they are doing better than HEAD.

 PCH has refused to call this a war, and has referred to it as an organized expansion. This seems to be the case from these stats at the moment. Train is doing very little to fight back it seems, but unless PCH starts taking a much higher count of vils, this expansion could take quite a while. Honestly though… it seems as if this “war” is simply a few PCH members nibbling on the Train border.

Interview: PCH

So, what inspired you to form a tribe composed of of several different tribes?

TribalAnon: Well I was in the failing [Armada], a tribe of inactives and no communication, and I wanted to create an elite tribe of players who were capable of working together as a unit and for the growth of the tribe and not just for their own, so I managed to seduce the likes of Belindap, Unspecial, c00l tracker, dontworry, nidhinmathews, arkaris swift and carbonha plus others to forge Placeholder, as they were in a similar position in their own tribes at the time (b~mist addict and WDW). And so we made a tribe where dead weight would not be tolerated. Our motto is unless you are willing to participate in the tribe, then there is no point you being in the tribe. With this in mind we have been quite selective in our recruitment and only bring in players who add significant value (apart from chachi: I let him in because he is smexy)

What do you guys think about the war (with Train)?

TribalAnon: The war is not a war.. it is 135 people failing to make an impact on one player

So why is your tribe name Placeholder?

TribalAnon: Because we sat around for an hour before forming going ummmm errrrrrrr what should we call ourselves.. and we named ourselves placeholder till we thought of a name.

What is your relationship with Vodka? 

Chachi: Twice a week.

TribalAnon: Well if i need a booty call at weekends then I give them a call.

What are some of your inactives that I can noble?

TribalAnon: Anyone with Train in their profile.

Chachi: Tribalanon and Snetwoods have been flatline basically lately :P

How would you summarize Train??

TribalAnon:Train’s recruitment policy seems to be, if you can accept an invite you qualify to join our tribe. They massively over recruited their own food in their core, there is little or any quality in their tribe and they lack any form of teamwork, their tribe wide op proved this as hardly a dent was made. No villages were even cleared, let alone taken. Unfortunately this will not be our opportunity for a real war, simply a chance for dontworryiamnotverygood to get some food. 

A few minutes before I was going to post the blog, TribalAnon gave me the idea of interviewing the entire PCH tribe (via skype). He graciously allowed me to enter his tribes skype chat, and I then proceeded to spam it along with him, and several others for the next hour. The few questions that I did get answered really were not anything special. The spam was incredibly fun though, and I would like to publicly thank PCH for allowing me to attempt this. I will try again later to get a better inside look at their tribe, while more members are around, and when chachi is not so drunk. (or maybe more drunk would be better)