World 56- The Joys of June

June 8, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News


We spent the month of May examining W56 and the events that have shaped the world as we see it today. For the first June issue, we’ll look away from the world events and see what W56 has to offer outside of the game as well as in. Keep reading for some new and different articles you won’t want to miss!

While a few of you posted your signatures for my forum competition, even more of you got involved in the forum moderation discussion that led to some rules clarification. I caught up with our new forum mod, u6s5l, to get some info on his arrival and the changes it has brought to the forum.

What’s your past TW experience?

I began playing on W16, and have played most of the worlds up to 50 at one point or another, though I only ever stuck around on W24. Besides that, I mainly joined to mess around, or took over accounts with some friends as coplayers

What do you think of the No Haul setting and the newest update?

No Haul was definitely really innovative. I’d seen it suggested before, I think, but I never expected it to be actually made. I like the idea though, and I think the world is a lot more strategy-based. I’d like to see more, just so players could hone their skills on it. That’d make the worlds a lot more interesting as well :).

As far as the newest update (being 7.2 I’m guessing), I like all the new little things that they’re adding to make life easier (so I don’t have to count how many villages are in a group). I’m looking forward to it

What is your favorite part of the game?

My favorite part would actually have to be the forums, ironically. I love the arguments, the debates, the attempts to make the “mob mentality” go in your favor, etc. And I suppose, in that way, I also love diplomacy and person to person interaction :).

Is that what made you become a forum mod?

That, and my desire to help the community out a bit were the main contributors, definitely.

Where did you get your forum name, u6s5l?

Well, funny story that :P. Originally, as I was playing on W16, I was asked to take over another, larger account in my tribe by the name of “u6s5l”. However, the owner passed on the game account to me, not the forum account. Just so that I wouldn’t have to have it in my signature on the forums, I created the account “u6s5l.”, with a “.” at the end. I still, to this day, have no idea what my name even means, but it’s stuck since then :D.

What is the most interesting part of being a forum mod?

You know, even though W56 has been a lot more well-behaved than a lot of the mods led me to believe it would be, the funniest and most interesting part of being a forum mod is when you get responses to infraction or warning mails. Some people are pretty nice about it, admit what they did wrong, and move on, but it’s extremely fun and interesting when people try to argue that they didn’t deserve their punishment. Well, that’s pretty cool…and reading the flamewars is pretty nice too ;).

I’m assuming you’ve done your share of flaming?

Surprisingly, most mods I’ve spoken to have in the past, which is why I wasn’t discouraged from applying. But yeah, back in the days when I was in W16 and W24, I did my fair share of flaming, and more :P.

Is it difficult to mind your manners now?

It really isn’t difficult, actually. I’ve mellowed out a lot more, and believe it or not, being a moderator actually helps you mind your manners. You’re a lot more reluctant to be rude when you know it’s not just your ability to post on the line, but also your position as a moderator that you worked so hard to get :D.
And believe me, I applied over 5 times to become a forum moderator, so I definitely value it a lot.

What was your first thought when you found out you’d be moderating W56, one of the most active forums?

My first thought was definitely “They must be trying to discourage me from being a moderator :P”, because I figured they’d gotten tired of me applying so often :D. Turns out the moderating isn’t as difficult as it seems, and I’ve received extremely warm welcomes from all the staff, some of whom I’ve known from other world. And because the community has pretty much straightened out any bad posting because they know I’ll be there watching, it’s been smooth sailing so far, I just hope to keep it that way :).

Who’s your favorite W56 poster?

Honestly, I couldn’t say. Not because I don’t know how to pick a favorite, but because I feel picking a favorite would inspire accusations of bias from others :P. However, I will say that one of the posters I knew from W24, Rukoh, was one of my favorite posters who came to W56. Even though I argued with him continuously, I prefer any poster who is logical and clear-headed in their posts :).

You have one sentence to tell W56 whatever you want, what do you say?

How about “I think you’ve been pretty good with the rules so far, but I’ve just been lenient ;).”

Let’s see how many people get scared :D

Would you rather have your forum name red or purple or orange?

Red is my favorite color :D
So red is my preference

As you probably know, Morthy plays W56. Would you infract him?

If I could, I would…but he doesn’t post, and I don’t think I could do that even if I wanted to :(. But he deserves it, for the initiation rituals he put me through…

Dare I ask?

Definitely not
Asking would be tantamount to condemning yourself to a life without happiness

I figure for my own sake its best we stop there!

Anyone interested in viewing some of the more important rules to watch for, check out , and feel free to post any questions you may have.

Now that we’ve seen the new mod, let’s look at the people who walk the narrow line between an on-topic post and a nasty flame. That’s right, the W56 BFT’s

(Biggest Flaming Trolls in case you were wondering, not to be confused with anything else…)

W56 BFT’s!


Excellent. They are extremely disorganized, and mass-recruit aswell. They’ve got tons of inactives, and those who aren’t, mostly don’t go on the their internal forums. Hardly anyone provides support there, and their current leader, gamal or whatever, is a total idiot.

Have fun with them, they shouldn’t be much of a challanege for you.


Well, I think we all have a mutual disrespect for Oranje and it’s hugging ways. And I suppose your natural charisma helped too.

Pictures are always appreciated in a war declaration. Although the thrid nipple thing was kind of creepy.

Expect the worst, and never be dissappointed, AOL.

That’s antitroll tip number 2.


Avatar Combobreaker…

How goes the slaughter so far?

If you have 50 infractions, maybe you need the perma to be taught a lesson.


Good Bye Orange……..KNIFE


lol i remember him….. hes the guy who ask for help for every little thing back in Soviet and TBH ^_^


LoL… if you are experienced, then i don’t think it would look good if you’ve played his account. LOL i remember how he asked for someone to help him scout someone half the size of him….takes…


Give support to a man, he can live for a day. Teach a man to backtime, he learns a skill for life.



Thank god you’re laughing at yourself. Saves me the effort of doing so =) Tell me, did you guys really recruit Xshahzad? 


Enjoy [RIM]. Shouldn’t be too much effort, hardly worth the PnP, but nice to read, and I’ll happily see another tribe fall to the hands of [RIM]…



Fame or Lame?





etc, etc, etc.


Rate ya Siggehs

Such a hater -.-‘3/10



Awesomeness can not be put in non-spoiler sigs

1/10 can see it
-/10 none



At this rate, they will be out of the top 10 by tomorrow morning. Goodbye wart, you wont be missed. 


Stop it, just please stop. I really don’t know how much more unashamed stupidity I can take.TBH are dead, therefore we in MoM are claiming victory, therefore we in MoM are claiming all former TBH… 


I figured you were probably just grumpy because I didn’t add you to the list;

List five
Wizd0m: 0/10
Orkamungus: 0.5/10Hope this makes amends.


Looks like a merge with wart to me, considering the vulturous bastards are up 7 members since the disband. The lapdogs finally rolled over for their masters, ’bout time if you ask me. 





Next, I’d like to introduce the current front-runner on the Make Me A Sig! forum competition viewable here:

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): First things first, how long have you been playing TW?

Wallam: Err.. since although on that world I got nobled by the PA of a guy I was attacking from 6 weeks out.. :( Thats roughly September 2007-ish.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): What worlds have you played?

Wallam: W3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,21,33 ,40,49,51,52,56

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): What’s your favourite world you have played?

Wallam: Probably w11, I met a lot of great people playing there. Plus it was my first successful world.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): When did you join W56?

Wallam: About a week ago.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): Do you frequent the W56 forums?

Wallam: Sometimes, lots of threads at the moment so only browsing most of them.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): When did you start doing GFX?

Wallam: A few months ago, i was bored.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): What program do you use?

Wallam: Gimp.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): Do you take requests?

Wallam: Yes, but often I dont have time to do them. I really am not very good, compared to most of the people in the TW graphics forum.

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): How long will you be around W56?

Wallam: No idea, a while I hope, less farming may actually mean I can stay competitive for a change :P

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): Who do you think will win the world?

Wallam: Err.. hard to say at this stage but MoM is looking good. Lame answer I know, but if I didn’t say them, my friends in there will stop sending me ress ;)

Aaron(ArmyOfLoners): Which tribes do you want to see war each other, and why?

Wallam: Haul! vs Tutti would be an interesting to watch i believe.

He also sent in an interesting mini-blog featured below. I am still looking for more mini-blog articles to use in future issues so write something up!

Wallam on OD

The importance of OD as a tool in evaluating a player. Is it really as important as people make out?

At the start of every world you inevitably get the people shouting about having a high OD score and how it makes them amazing. Some people agree that a high OD at this point shows their skills as a player, yet others say it is pointless to have a high OD at an early stage of a world as losing troops early on is a waste of resources that could be used elsewhere. Later on in the game, how effective is OD as a measure? Does a high ODD mean you are a good defender or that your tribe has supported you? Does a low ODA mean you are a bad player or you are just away from the frontlines and there is not much to kill in your area. These are the types of question this investigation is aiming to unearth.

Having decided to pursue this topic, I made a choice to interview a number of people with regards to their view on OD and hopefully in the process provide various viewpoints on whether OD is overrated as a measure of a player or not.

This interview was with a top ranked player from w15. The player requested not to be named and as such will only be known as X.

Interview 1 SelectShow


This interview was with a top OD ranked player from w51. The player requested not to be named and as such will only be known as Y.


Interview 2 SelectShow


When one half of the top ranked player for ODA on w51, the woolly bully was asked to comment on why he likes ODA so much and how useful he thinks OD is for evaluating a player, he said this:

“I don’t know. Everyone has their own goals. Mine is to kill stuff. Though I think you can tell a lot about a player by their ODA. Everyone can get ODD or noble free villages. ODA shows how aggressive the person is”

I think that its clear to see from these responses that the view to using OD as an evaluative tool is mixed. Many players place a different emphasis on OD both for their personal goals and for recruiting purposes into a tribe. It is clear that the debate rages on as to how useful OD is as a measure of evaluating players, one thing is for certain however, everyone has a different view, even between coplayers.

Please share your opinion in the W56 Blog topic!


That’s all for The Joys of June edition of the World 56 blog! A couple things to note, we have started a World 56 Players Skype Chat for anyone who plays W56 just post in the appropriate topic and we’ll add you in. Also, I’m still accepting mini-blogs and signatures for the current competitions. If you’re interested, be sure to submit your entry and mail me if you have any questions!


Quite a while ago I was promised a shoutout for the CoA vs CoA idea. Unfortunately, the person that I promised it to doesn’t feel like publicly expressing any words of thanks or gratitude. That is why sacredfool, also known as Sqid on W56, the baron of MoM who also happens to be the most handsome, skilled, humble, intelligent, wise, and modest player of K55 would like to share these two words of wisdom with you all:


That is all. Thank you everybody for attention.


Happy now?