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Liberty. The idea of freedom of choice. The ability govern oneself, to their hearts desire. And ultimately, to take responsibility for their own actions. This moral and political principle is not often found in the average Joe, not in the world outside or, of the world of Tribal Wars. Every single one of us, is guilty of blaming another, or a single event, for our own shortcomings. Those who succeed, have always attributed their success to others that stood firm alongside them, as the pillars and foundations of their empires. This is humility, one of the most important extensions of liberty. At the other side of the spectrum, we have those that will blame their defeats on the failings of others and will be forgotten by their arrogance, incapable of accepting their misgivings as their own. This is the complete opposite of Liberty, and the most common trait in the highest profiles of Tribal Wars today. It is the most common trait in World 56, today.

Firstly, I have one thing to say. I sincerely apologise for the last couple of blog issues. I am not the first to say this, and will not be the last, but many of the views were disgusting, and have no place in these blogs. You deserve better, and I will be better. It took all of my superior’s patience to make this known to be. I am thankful for such understanding. Any anger held against me is well placed, and well deserved. More often than not, I am a loose cannon. I will be the first to admit my exceptional arrogance, and will likely hear the same from my loudest critics. Know only, that I am contrite.

The theme of this blog is the same as before, though everything has been revised to the point, I have deleted the previous Liberty Issue, and have started with a clean slate.

I hope you enjoy this blog, I really do.

Firstly, an interview with a ‘Mr Smith’

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All sound arguments and viewpoints, from a ‘Mr Smith’. For his/her own reasons, they did not wish to be named.

Rather than go into my usual war opinions, for this issue, I am going to use something that I have not used in quite some time. Facts.



Mom is currently the oldest of the major tribes of world 56. It was created on the 1st of April at 14:05:03. Being in existence for close to 9 months, these guys have been around from the start.

Lately, my views have been, well straight up biased, with no proof. That changes today, my views will be completely based on statistics and factual data. Data shows, their decline, among other things:

In the past month, MoM has dropped by more than one hundred million points. With more than 3000 losses to W2V, and with more than a dozen players jumping ship, you just have to ask, how much longer can they last?

Though their latest diplomatic feat, one of utter brilliance, has secured an alliance with Tarot, what were their reasons? Were they able to placate the leadership of T in some way? Or was it never in the intentions of [ T ] to war MoM until complete victory? Either way, they are now backed into friendly territory, allies who may one day prove to be a main merger.


Here we have two separate graphs. Villages gained, and villages lost.

Heres the funny thing. So many players in MoM continually state, that their demise is not certain, but the data points to the opposite. MoM reached their peak long ago, and when your at the top, the only way you can go is down. Complacency sets in, people become disenchanted. When their second highest amount of conquers is from their own tribe, what does that say? When they have taken more villages off of themselves than their greatest enemy, what does that say?

If their main enemy had taken only a few hundred, it would be understandable, but both counts are above 3000. On average, that would be some 30,000,000 points each.

MoM is on the decline, even the stats point that way. Will they be able to get back onto their feet of the new year? Only time will tell.


Tutti, is the second oldest major tribe. Though they were all but destroyed some months ago, when CODE collapsed, they were able to take in a new influx of members from both CODE, and smaller tribes in their surrounds, they have literally risen from the ashes. Tutti itself, was founded on the same day as MoM, just a few hours later at 18:05:12.

Tutti has shown constant growth over the past month, with what looks like only a couple of small setbacks, likely due to deletion/dismissals/leaving, any of the three.

Currently, Tutti is in no high profile war, due to a ceasefire with OHYEAH some time ago. With OHYEAH now surrounding Tutti, the question is, how long will the peace last?

Well, a similar situation to MoM presents itself here. With conquers against themselves, and losses against themselves, being number two and one respectively, one can safely assume, that they eat internals best, with the greatest enemy to date, OHYEAH taking the most of their territory. With the solid facts here, one must ask, does Tutti actually have what it takes, to become a major player on the world 56 stage? Mr Smith said that OHYEAH is no threat to anyone at this time, which by definition, should mean that Tutti can easily beat them. Perhaps Tutti is in fact, the weakest link of world 56?

Tutti has only a small number of options. To merge or war OHYEAH being the most prominent. Though both options could prove detrimental altogether.


W2V comes in at third oldest, if only by a single day. They were founded on the 4th of April at 02:06:10, and have faced hardship and battle since the early days. Originally a core tribe, they have steadily pushed their influence to the eastern rim and secured almost all of their backlines. They have grown to be the most dominant force in w56 today.

Over the past month, W2V has shown nothing but rapid growth, both through conquering their enemies in MoM, and by recruiting those they feel are worthy to join them. They stated early, that recruitment of many players in MoM was a definite no, but of course, they did not say they would not recruit at all. They recruit only those, who are great, or have the potential to be great.

Though they themselves, have taken over 3000 internals, its damned impressive that they have taken more villages from MoM in their two months of war, than they have taken internals in eight months. They are, simply put, a war machine that is unrivalled in world 56. What makes them so dominant though? Why are they so powerful? I’ll tell you why.

Every single player they have recruited has purpose, every single player. They have not recruited willy nilly, and have only brought into their fold, players who deserve to be there. Some will say that one day, they will collapse due to no new blood. This can be argued back and forth, but here is a very simple point. People like to be part of an elite culture. The eliteness breeds qualities in people, that make them stay. I liken it many educational facilities in the real world in the sense that, the harder someone tries to get in, the more motivated they are to succeed, the more committed they are to see it through. And heres a question for you. If the best universities in the world, started accepting every single applicant, how badly would they begin to deteriorate on the inside? They take the best, because they wish to be the best.

This example does not just hold true to W2V, it used to hold true to many of the other top tribes, and then the dream of ‘We can be rank 1′ entered their minds. Act like the rank 1, and you will get there eventually.


Coming in at 4th is OHYEAH, also formed in the early days of April, and two days behind W2V, they were formed on the 4th at 00:05:20. These guys have gone up and down since the day they were created. Until only a few months ago, they were a serious contender for world victory. Now, well as Mr Smith put it, they are no longer a threat to anyone. The days of OHYEAH vs Haul/CODE, well they are over. Bigjay once told me that OHYEAH was something really special, that they would labour for hours in their offensives. Jay told me once, that he watched as OHYEAH landed hundreds of fake trains, fake nukes, and fake supports on his villages, in only a 10 second window. And that was only to keep him distracted from their real targets. Where has this commitment gone? Do lions lose their claws and teeth overnight?

The past month has seen OHYEAH increase their size by some 50 million points. Though, just because you are big, does not mean you are powerful, or have an abundance of strength. Ever since they took in the players of CODE, they have only grown weaker. They are the complete opposite to the current leader, W2V. Where W2V is exceptionally selective, OHYEAH is simply throwing its doors open. When you open your doors to those who are weak or are weak in the eyes of particulars, you lose the respect of your greatest assets.

So far, a common theme has presented itself, and so far, all tribes bar one have had their internals in the 2nd spot of their gains. Is this normal then? I know that every tribe has particular players that only reluctantly attack actual enemies that fight back, every tribe has those types of players that just munch on inactives and never lift a single finger in aid to their tribe, but, really?

with 3.7 percent of their gains being against MoM, whilst having a whopping 25 percent of their losses being against MoM also, you have to wonder, was Mr Smith spot on, when he said OHYEAH is not a threat to anyone? Even a tribe that is getting hammered by W2V daily, is beating them. OHYEAH, your going to need a damned lot of luck, to get your tribe into shape for the endgame, or expect not to be a part of it.


Coming in at the 2nd youngest, is none other than -MM-, being founded on the 20th of June at 04:05:29 . These guys are 6 months old, and have shown, they have guts. They first came to my attention when they declared war against MoM. My initial thoughts were “Ha, these little guys won’t last long”. More than once though, they have shown themselves to be anything but weak. Though definitely not the largest tribe on this world, they are one of the most powerful.


The growth of -MM- has been consistent throughout this last month. With enemies on one side, the rim on the other, and allies to its north, well, they have a simple task. Keep moving forward, keep feeding your members, and rush to the end stage. Though only small, -MM- will play a pivotal role, in how the south of world 56 develops over the coming months.

I must say, -MM- does not adhere to the status quo of this world. With enemy conquers higher than internals, there is nothing but focused determination in the -MM- camp. Though conquers have been near non-existent against their new enemy OHYEAH these past weeks, I attribute that to a needed reshuffle. OHYEAH’s strengths lay in defending, and with the new MoM recruits in OHYEAH, no doubt, defenses will now be harder to penetrate. This is -MM-s first road block on the path to southern domination, and to the endgame. If they can overcome it, then, they will be stronger for it. The question is though, can they overcome it? OHYEAH may be the weakest link, but they are not as embattled as MoM was, and will be much harder to crack.

 [ T ]

[ T ], the youngest power in w56 today, and yet the largest. They were formed from the northern collapse of Haul! at 10:06:00 on the 18th of september. Being only three months old, the growth of Tarot has been anything but slow.

Tarot rocketed to the top with an addition of 40,000,000 points this past month, whilst picking up several very valuable players. The majority of Tarot’s members have fought countless battles, but very few have fought these battles under the flag of [ T ]. Since its formation, Tarot itself has been in many minor or low profile wars, that have all ended in assimilation or mergers. While this is good to boost the numbers of the tribe, it has also allowed many undeserving players to enter the tribe. Tarots recruitment policies have never been entirely strict.

Overall, the tribe lacks direction. That being said, with all decisions being made behind closed doors due to threat of spies, it is difficult to be so trusting. The hopes and aspirations of Tarot as a whole, is quite admirable, but there have always been issues that have plagued it internally. Problems that firmer leaders would have quashed at first sight.

It is not entirely fair for me to lump Tarot in with the current internals and conquers trends, as they are as a tribe, young, they have yet to come across an enemy that they can wholly conquer on. Though in their brief war with MoM, they were able to conquer some 800+ villages, this is no great feat when on looks at the forces that were arrayed before MoM. It is neither however, something to be looked down upon.

The statistic that really worries me though, is the overall conquers, and the general losses, with only 11,000 or so conquers to their name, it is quite obvious that they have gotten to their position, through mostly recruitment, and clean up conquers from mergers. That us something to sneeze at.

Perhaps, the most worry statistic though, is from their actual losses. Only 13 percent of their losses are from other tribes. Why is this bad you ask? Well, it is fairly simple. When 87 percent of a tribe’s losses are internals, and 8 percent from their main enemy MoM, one must ask, why are they so big? Have they ever actually been tested?

Does Tarot have the ability to fight a high profile war, as a single unit? Or will they simply collapse due to know real cohesion?

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this read. I actually kinda enjoyed writing this one, it wasn’t a ‘chore’.

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