World 56 – All Or Nothing

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Our world is full of big names, with relationships spanning worlds long won and lost. Names that carry reputations and can with a simple mention, cause an astute sense of hopelessness to emanate throughout our world. Yet, there are names who provoke nothing but ridicule. These names, honoured, respected, and in some cases, hated, all have one thing in common. Experience. What is experience though? It is defined very broadly, though to me, its definition is simple. Experience is the culmination of all the failures you have undertaken in times past. Every single person for who this rings true, knows that there is only one way in which you will play Tribal Wars. They all have one outlook on our world. There is no halfway point, all endeavors must result in either complete victory, or an utter loss. We reside in this world, where the common theme is, All or Nothing. We are, World 56. 

Welcome to my first blog for world 56. Before I get into the body of the blog, I will first explain a few things. Who I am, why I am your new blogger, what I will bring to the table, etc etc. The List goes on. Currently, I am the world 48 blogger as well, though I blog there once in a while only. The world is very much coming to a close. I released only a small number of blogs there, with a total of nine, over several months. Though infrequent, I like to believe that the blogs were more than entertaining.

In world 56, I am in the tribe Tarot, and hold no official council position there. Though from my past interviews with ArmyOfLoners, I am sure you all know exactly how ‘blunt’ I can be. In my blogs, I will not pull any punches. I am not biased and will be completely factual in all of my viewpoints. you may come to love me, or hate me, I have a longstanding reputation of being able to take the heat. Just ask any of my old world 48 buddies.

Why am I your new blogger do you ask? Well, the simple point is, that ArmyOfLoners does not have the time nor patience to blog for a bunch of ungrateful sods. Do I have the time? Not always, as I do travel frequently for my business. I will promise though, any blogs I do release, will be of the highest quality available to me, both in my analyses, and your entertainment. I will have nothing short of a gripping read. Do I have the patience? Well, in the real world, I am a martial arts instructor in which I run my own dojo, most of my clientele are in fact, young children with discipline issues. If I can handle that, I am very sure I can handle any tantrums that this community should throw my way.

Well, with my somewhat blunt introduction, I do believe it is time to get onto the body of the blog. My expertise lies in military analysis, though I may surprise you with the odd spot of political brilliance. Today, I will cover only three wars, being that of the MoM Vs OHYEAH massacre, the MoM Vs -MM- embarrassment, and the OHYEAH Vs Tutti conflict. The stats are taken from the last week, as well as the conquer maps. I will also of course, include my own thoughts on possible movements by the top tribes.

In this issue, I have one interview, with Daek2 of W2V. He is an old friend from world 48, and is more than intrigued that I have stepped up to blog this world.

Shall we begin? Here is my first world 56 interview:

Extra SelectShow

Well, I hope you all found that interview to be entertaining and insightful, I always enjoy interviewing James, it is almost as if we are playing tennis, the way remarks are shot back and forth! Be sure to thank James for the read next you get the chance!

Now, onto the fun stuff. War!

First up:


The Massacre


First, the stats:
Side 1:
Tribes: MoM
Side 2:
Tribes: OHYEAH

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 463
Side 2: 101
Difference: 362

Stats wise, this is nothing but a massacre. Actually, stats aside, this war is still a massacre. 450+ conquers in one week? I have not seen that since the days of world 15. MoM is not only organised, they are throwing everything they have at OHYEAH. I would not be surprised to see some spear nukes thrown about :D

Lets have a look at where all of this conquers have taken place:

Well, the funny thing is, I honestly believe that if OHYEAH had made the first offensive, this situation would have been completely reversed. These two powers have no solid front,  there are areas where both tribes are completely surrounded by the other. MoM gained the quick advantage from the first strike, and for all intents and purposes, the momentum will not begin to slow, until a solid front is established. For this to happen, OHYEAH will lose continents 54, 65, and 66. By that time, I see a political collapse of the eastern OHYEAH members. Not many of them are as battle hardened as the core OHYEAH players, and will either beg for an invite to MoM(and delete when refused), or simply delete at the first hint of incomings. It is after all, not a nice feeling to see your comrades reduced to zero villages.

As far as strategy is concerned here, it is very straight forward. MoM will simply pummel OHYEAH into submission. With such an intertwined front, there is little else that is needed. MoM need only keep up the pressure and not give OHYEAH any opportunity to regroup. Any slight ease on offense will see the beginnings of a very drawn out war.



The Embarrassment


 Side 1:
Tribes: MoM
Side 2:
Tribes: -MM-

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 27
Side 2: 184
Difference: 157

What is this small tribe in the far east, that is mopping the floor with MoM? Why, it is Mine and Mine. They have claimed that everything that is theirs, is theirs, and that everything of ours, is also theirs! MoM should be embarrassed, these eastern players have a motto which is very similar to most children. Can MoM deal with these children? They have escaped their pens and are running amok into MoM’s territory! Mom, the most dominant tribe in our world to date, is being led about by a tribe six times their junior.

Where are these kids running amok?

-MM- are essentially at MoMs back, she aught to turn around and pay attention to the small ones to her back. Letting -MM- run amok could prove disastrous, they have so much to gain by running through these old CODE players. Ultimately, -MM- will fail, as momentum will slow. This small tribe can only eat so much, before they must recuperate.

Again, there are no clear tactics or strategy here, apart from, noble noble noble!


The Conflict

The Stats:

 Side 1:
Tribes: Tutti
Side 2:
Tribes: OHYEAH

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 71
Side 2: 75
Difference: 4

With a difference of four conquers, this is perhaps the most even fight we have seen in several months. That being said, we have no way of telling how these stats will change with the recent beginnings of war between MoM and OHYEAH. Tutti has much to gain in this fight, though I fear, no matter who wins out of the MoM/OHYEAH war, Tutti has only a while longer to live. The conquers:


As the difference in conquers is close here, the pink markers are villages taken from tutti, and teal, villages taken from OHYEAH .

I am actually surprised that Tutti has chosen the actively war OHYEAH, rather than MoM. Though OHYEAH is the closer threat, MoM is the bigger one. Teaming up with OHYEAH would have heightened their chances of survival, where as warring OHYEAH independently, will only cause MoM to keep its momentum and eventually, plow through Tutti as well. This will give MoM uncontested control over more than 1/3 of the world.

Tutti is focusing all nobling into continent 74, which may show a couple of things. The other frontline continents may have less capable players on the Tutti side, or highly capable players on the OHYEAH side. I believe the latter to be more applicable, due to lower levels of nobling from both sides. Ohyeah seem to be currently cleaning Tutti out of its core continents, which is essential, alas, I believe conquers will slow dramatically once these clusters are removed. At this point, Tutti will have the clear advantage, and will drive home into OHYEAH’s territories. And then, they will hit the real resistance. The core of OHYEAH.

Well guys, thats it from me. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to leave any comments here, through private mail, or in this forum Topic:

Before I go, here is a quick word from ArmyOfLoners:

Aaron: Thank you all very much for the opportunity to write 15 Blog Issues for you all. In the end I know many enjoyed them, and those that didn’t, well, everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Rather than continue on disappointing those that are unhappy with my blogging, I’ll be moving on to blog for other less fortunate worlds that have not seen a blogger or blog issue in a long time. Make sure you make 1st feel welcome before you slam him.