World 54: UND3RRAT3D Interview

January 12, 2011 in World 054 News, World News

Hello World 54,

Two Things: For those of you that dont know, the Competition is still on going (Ends Friday) so Please ensure your votes are counted, Apples. Is currently Number One, Like the gentleman that I had the priviledge of speaking with on Skype.

Thank you for taking the time out to be able to do this interview, Is it hard to be the #1 Player of World 54?

Well, you just need to do the right things and be lucky, I know for sure some other contenders for no.1 took a huge set back early on and that helped . This world specifically, my area was pretty good, having 15 barbs in the church radius before the beginner protection came to an end, that helped me to grow quickly

What do you think is the most important thing to be #1? Defence Troops or the ability to beat your enemy down?
Many players think, to go all offensive early on helps. To Be Honest, you dont need more then 30% Offensive and jsut need to use you troops wisely.

I Rely heavily on Defence, not just to be no. 1 but to be secured against any aggression , that is coming my way.
and to be no. 1, you need the ability to beat your enemy down with minimum losses.

How many People are after you? or is no one attacking you currenty?
No one currently, but Yes as a tribe we are having multiple skirmishes with local tribes.

If you could change anything about World 54 What would you like to see changed?
May be low coin costs just like they did in 53.

Besides Tribalwars What do you do for fun?
I am mostly with friends, going to Pub ..movies..etc..

Lets Say if World 54 was in the end procedure/end of its life, what tribe do you think will be on top?
There are too many contenders really, it all depends on activity and less skills during the mid world period
Many a times the most deserving tribe collapse due to inactivity.

I think, there will be some new tribe ruling the world six months down the line, and may be another one, one year down the line.

Where do you see yourself with TW down the line? Do you think you will get the #1 Village everyone wants? 500|500 (Or Closer)?
lol, not really, to get to that village, I will need to go pass three K’s and then fight the person who is holding the village, who knows he may be in my tribe by then, with TW, speaking about world 54, I just joined it to see the version 7.0 settings and then discovered Waves near me.
Waves made chik3n, as he failed to see a good tribe in k64 and then we just grew from there. We dont know what is our future, there is a possibility that we merge with neighbouring tribes later as Neither me nor Waves likes to lead really.

Thank You UND3RRAT3D for being available to do an interview with me.