World 54: Interview with Wheelz

January 17, 2011 in World 054 News, World News

Still isnt the Mona Lisa, but its close enough.

Hello World 54,

Today for your amusement I bring you a interview with Wheelz. Duke of Kraken.

Hello Wheelz, thanks for the time to do an interview, Your Tribe “Kraken” what made you decide on a name like this?

It was a trivial decision to make, however nonetheless important. I originally devised the title with permission from the leadership of a tribe that had reigned in previous words, with a prominent Kraken theme. I thought it was a great idea, so the name stuck.

The TWLeak of your tribal forum and information, is any of this true or was someone just blowing steam?

The TWLeak was mainly comprised of posts in our Off-Topic forums. I believe the stereotype built by these players is immensely biased. For example, you cannot judge an entire tribe just because one of their members cannot spell “trust”. I do agree that it is hilarious, but stereotypes will only go so far… The bottom line here is that we are getting positive results overall, and it’s their problem whether they like that or not.

Is Kraken currently under any wars? or are you just sitting silently, collecting troops or points until a war breaks out?

We’re waiting for something big. After all, anything can happen, and of course, this is tribal wars. I am currently not at liberty to disclose any details about our targets, however.

Since the Leak have you had to change any policy’s for your tribe to ensure the “enemy” wont figure it out?

Not immensely, but we sure did a lot of internal development. I can personally say that I am proud of the work that has been done. The results are fantastic.

Why do you believe Kraken has been beaten so hard on the forum?

I’m assuming IKEA just wants more cookies. :P

If you had the choice to change the world what would you change?
I think it’s too early to judge upon that yet. I would rather wait and let the ravages of time take hold of this World so I know what I’m dealing with.

Would you like to add anything else?
I don’t think so.
Thanks for the interview, and have a nice day!

Thank you World 54.