World 54: Interview with Smoking Kills

January 10, 2011 in World 054 News, World News

Hello World 54,

I had the privilege of chatting with smoking kills and being able to interview the duke of the #1 tribe YAWN!

Thank you for taking the time out to write for the blog, How hard is it to run the #1 Tribe?

We put a lot of effort into the tribe, Luckily with Leighton you have someone who strives to be #1 as a player, he has taken this tribe as an extention of himself and strives to do the same as a team. The tribe also has some other players use to leading top tribes so behind Leightons hands on approach you have numerous other members pushing people to do their best and offering idea’s on how to take us to the next stage.

According to the Forums, YAWN! Merged with their enemies, or was it that you felt that the war was going no where after you annihilated most of them?

These are cards we hold close to our chest, but I suppose the best thing we have gotten from this merger is a fresh lease of life, we have taken in players that might not have gotten a look in to a “premade” before.

Do You think it is correct for World 54 to pin YAWN! as a “Merge-Tribe”?

Well if merging is when two tribes join together to form one tribe then yes we are mergers. I dont think we really care about being called so. For a long time there has been this stigma about tribes that merge but for as long as I have played this game tribes have always done so. Uruz did on w47, Bunny on w46, DIY on w50 and many more. I dont think that saying you aren’t a merge tribe makes you any better than those do you?

I know it may seem a little early, but if World 54 Was in its closing stage, What tribe (Even if its your own) Do you think would win?

I suppose if this was done on pure nobling then yes it would be our tribe but in my mind the people who win a world often have the best diplomatic relations, and there are other tribes in the world that have been pushing team work between tribes better than us. So possibly a family tribe, possibly Circus, maybe a rim tribe… or maybe us. It all depends on who could use that best this early.

What Tribe are you looking at Next to Fight, To Show your YAWN! Power?

Again this would be something we hold close to our chests, but to be honest we dont see anything at the minute as a war or as tribe on tribe. I suppose that is one thing that seperates pre-mades from ingame tribes. Pre-mades often see early skirmishes as expansion where as this is the point in the game where a lot of ingame tribes need to fight to grab a hold of a K.

IF you could change anything about this world, what would you like to change?

Well I think this world seems slow, I dont know why but I just feel like not much happens, but that’s just me. Other than that I would like to have more competition in the world, I have a feeling there are some really good players around the world but under alias. Don’t get me wrong we do have competition in our k but I like going against players I know. Also I would make the second church cost less Population, its a pain.

Dukeh is an Interesting Nickname, How did you come up with it?

Well it is actually an anagram for the story of how Leighton and Kourosh met. They didnt actually meet over tribalwars, they were both in a little town in Germany (also known as Deutchland) backpacking when it began to rain, at this stage they hadnt met eachother but both happened to run Under a storage house in a farm. They were both freezing as the temperature was starting to lower so to Keep warm they had to strip naked and hold eachother as they knew their body heat would keep them alive. Once it stopped raining and the two had warmed up (and had some other experience neither will talk about…) they went out into the night and Enjoyed being under that stars together. The two thought their “friendship” was one that could do anything and went off Hand in hand into the night, naked.

Hence Dukeh, their bond is strong but I cant help wondering what they did in the farm house…

Besides Playing Tribalwars, What do you do besides it?

Ehh well I play sports, go to college and other things. Dukeh plays with asian kids at night (no joke) and Kourosh is an ***, no joke! He is actually a donky in his spare time, and a very realistic one at that!

Thank you To Dukeh/smoking kills/YAWN!

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