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May 26, 2010 in World 050 News

Aloha W50! I’m Klouwe, Blog Staff. Each week 1 blog will be published with updates on rankings, war stats. The blog can also contains many more things, but everything will be in order to give you a good view about what is going on in W50. Special this week, is an interview with Four Noble Truths, #2 player of the world and dukie of Femme (tribe with 3 players in the Top-5 of this world). Happy Reading!


Top 10 Tribe Ranking

Weekly updates on the Top 10 Tribe Ranking can be done to see how tribes are raising/falling in the charts.

Congratulations for Rebels to be n°1 in W50!

1 ) Rebels 36.548
2 ) Unkwn 34.521
3 ) DIY 33.073
4 ) Honor 32.957
5 ) Bush 32.286
6 ) SchOoL 30.086
7 ) Rawr 29.925
8 ) ClaD 28.788
9 ) GUCCI 28.783
10 ) TT 28.389

Top 10 Player Ranking

Weekly updates on the Top 10 Tribe Ranking can be done to see how tribes are raising/falling in the charts.

Congratulations to Shirime! Also remarkable is the fact that Femme got 3 of the top-5 players!

1 ) Shirime [ Femme ] 2.246
2 ) Four Noble Truths [ Femme ] 2.206
3 ) *Penny* [ YBinPT ] 2.046
4 ) Tribe -seller [ Unkwn ] 1.981
5 ) Luigi Pwns You [ Class ] 1.766
6 ) Blind Ferret [ Femme ] 1.756
7 ) Banana Hammock [ ClaD ] 1.740
8 ) sir colbey [ A0A ] 1.712
9 ) iNate. [ iP ] 1.672
10 ) Human traffic [ G.U.W ] 1.666


Player of the Week: Four Noble Truths

This week we could catch Four Noble Truths for a blog interview. Four Noble Truths is currently #2 of the world and is dukie of Femme.

Klouwe: Hello! You are n°2 point player in the world. Congratulations! What did you do better/different than all the lower ranked players?

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): um a lot of people are asking how we are doing better. I keep on telling them, we call him petar and suspect he is in fact some form of alien/robot due to his other worldly farming abilities

Four Noble Truths (pervis): well Sneggy owns like 12 bars and we sorta run on alchohol, he keeps us plied

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): were it not for shirime being BIG MEANIES we would be first! Pervis is setting up a criminal masterminds lair for us to hang out and be drunk in and petar is somewhat terrifyingly in charge of a countries aircraft so we feel we have the major bases covered (crime, alcohol and flight)

Four Noble Truths (pervis): meanwhile James serves the purpose of poster child for the account.

Klouwe: There are 4 of you who play this account, how are you related to each other? Do you know each other from an older world?

Four Noble Truths (pervis): we haven’t known each other very long, we all met at a world hopping conference in Iowa 2 months ago. It was a seminar aimed at improving our skills at quitting a world as fast as possible

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): I blame Lisa for bringing us all together, damn woman keeps bringing me new friends…I was happy in my dark, dank corner. We have once again failed at quitting by the way

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Thats kind of why we had to attend that conference anyways :S fat lot of good it did us |-(

Klouwe: In which worlds have you played and what position/rank did you and your tribe had?

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): well…quite a few of them. almost always top 5-10 player and rank 1 tribe for all of us really. brb I forgot to farm

/Sneggy awaits a beatingFour Noble Truths (pervis): I’ll have the other peasants beat you later

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): fair enough

Four Noble Truths (pervis): now to answer the question: we are all originally from, which is indonesian TW. Since we’re all from Eastern Europe we figuered we could hit the local players while they slept. The concept of night bonus was new to us back then. It didn’t work out. So we pretended we never lost our offense clearing another guy’s offense at home during night bonus and blamed the moderators of that server for discriminating against us for speaking a different language then we came to .net

Four Noble Truths (james): (drunk)

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): aaaah heres the poster boy now, with a face like that you can see why

Four Noble Truths (james): (blush) so we are all here, whos playing the account? (chuckle)

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): stole the identities of some people we saw in old forum topics and hey presto fraud! I am james

Four Noble Truths (pervis): I don’t quite get you ? playing ?

Four Noble Truths (james): wait, i am james (flex) who am i then :S

Four Noble Truths (sneggy):Your Petar! Haul: 1.664 1.664 1.232 4560/4560 just to bring some semblance of TW back

Four Noble Truths (pervis): James is an ideal, a concept to draw inspiration at your darkest hour, even if its inspiration to hit the bottle again, who James is doesn’t even matter as long as there is a James. Next question.

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): but if nobody is james then is there truly a james?
(please note james you are now an ideal not a person thus lose all rights)

Klouwe: You mentionned to have played in many #1-ranked tribes… But now you are in Femme, #171 of the world. Why?

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Thats easy, we lied

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): As I said before, we stole the identities of some people we saw in old forum topics and hey presto fraud! The players we stole out identities from had been in many great #1 tribes

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Its not easy for 4 plemena players fresh from getting owned in Indonesian TW to garner a good reputation here in .net… What else were we supposed to do?

Klouwe says: you guys are all crazy

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): I’m getting confused your telling me I’m crazy when people keep telling me I’m sexist InGame

Four Noble Truths (pervis): what does out mental stability have to do with out ability to queue one hq level after another ? or to raise kids for that matter ?

Four Noble Truths (james): how many times i gotta tell you, that pillow aint your kid

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): yep…raise them high up a tower….

Klouwe: Are all Femme players really female?

Four Noble Truths (james): yes, dumb question

Four Noble Truths (pervis): They are yes or plan to be someday, which is close enough

Four Noble Truths (james): are you calling us liers? :^)

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): well…some might be cross-dressers but isnt that the same… you really care if that hot thing accross the room is fully woman or not? if they wanna be a woman I say let them!

Four Noble Truths (james): yes, we aren’t here to judge

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): provided they can arouse us with there application photo they are in

Four Noble Truths (pervis): I have never let the percentage of woman in a woman ever slant my judgement about her. Or cool my ardour, nor should you.

Klouwe: If you could change 1 thing about the settings of this world, what would you change and why?

Four Noble Truths (james): needs more cowbell!!

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): no…god no, less!

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Btw did I mention James is a ginger
in our society thats an important distinction

Four Noble Truths (james): it really irritates me when south park says gingers dont have soul!

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): which one of us is james this time?

Four Noble Truths (james): GINGERS HAVE SOULS

Four Noble Truths (pervis): For once, James actually is James


Four Noble Truths (pervis): A ginger haired, freckle faced, pasty white poster boy. I get the feeling, we didn’t really think this through


Four Noble Truths (pervis): yeah sorry, we sorta sold his medication on the street to pay for premium

Klouwe: lol

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): despite me impersonating a mod they very cruelly wont give us the free premium

Four Noble Truths (pervis): we don’t actually work in real life. That involves, errr, work.

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Oh settings. Well I don’t know what to say. They were written in English and we only speak Serbian with a smattering of ethnic Kosac

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): make the colour for enemies on the map ginger

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Can you translate the settings for us ?

Klouwe: here are the settings

Speed: 2
Unit speed: 0.6
Attack gap: 50ms
Paladin enabled, with new weapons
Archers enabled
No churches
Coin based noble system
Army camps disabled
No morale
Enhanced bonus villages
Barbarian villages will grow to 3,000 points
Simple tech system
Beginner protection will be 4 days
No fake limit
No farm limit
Tribe limit: 100
Players can choose their starting direction

Four Noble Truths (pervis): scratches head… looks like gibberish to me

Klouwe: Брзина: 2
Јединица брзине: 0.6
Напад јаз: 50мс
Паладин омогућен, са новим оружјем
Стријелци омогућено
Нема цркве
Новчић на основу племенитих систем
Војска логорима инвалидитетом
Нема морал
Побољшана бонуса села
Варварин села ће расти до 3.000 поена
Једноставна технологија система
Почетник заштита ће бити 4 дана
Нема лажних граница
Нема лимита фарми
Племе ограничење: 100
Играчи могу да бирају свог почетка правцу

Four Noble Truths (pervis): ah

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): Set your skype to TARDIS mode…therefore it translates everything for you

Four Noble Truths (pervis): now we get it

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): please note TARDIS mode doesnt exist in real life and trying to pick up foreign chicks by talking serbian does not work

Klouwe: which setting would you like to have different?

Four Noble Truths (james): no wonder that girl slapped me :S

Four Noble Truths (pervis): It really doesn’t I tried

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): that said when you are ginger like james trying to pick up any chicks by saying anything or indeed doing anything at all also does not work

Klouwe: In how many days do you expect to noble your first village? Who will be the target?

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): 73 and we will be taking james

Four Noble Truths (james): we already have a noble! 2 in fact

Four Noble Truths (pervis): it’s going to be 72 days and 16 hours before we figuere out what nobles do however once that happens, we will desginate the 58 point barb roughly 3 hours away from us as the current “James” muster the inspiration to hit the bottle and hopefully noble it without hitting night bonus this time

Four Noble Truths (james): what that night bonus shit is here too? yeah noble that poser james

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): and noble it to show our worship for the ideal that is james while simultaneously showing our disdain for the ginger filth which is james

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Sneggy makes a valid point. next question

Four Noble Truths (james): why does he get to ask all the questions. whens our turn

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): yeh! Question 8: what are you wearing?

Four Noble Truths (james): not much by that pic in his avvy

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): answer alongside. Question 9) how long would it take james to lick it off

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Wearing ? I only wear clothes when there are people around and I haven’t seen another person in real life since 1992. Back then Vanilla Ice had a career, and 2Pac was still alive

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): well yes but you are radioactive pervis

Four Noble Truths (james): i still remb that day :S

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): 2pac still lives…your just not cool enough to visit and vanilla ice never had a career…he had a meteoric rise to godlike status…gods dont have careers

Klouwe (non-tw-related): If you would die and re-incarnate into an animal. Which animal would you pick?

Four Noble Truths (pervis): thats a tough call btw you went from question 7 to question 9… just cause we can’t read English doesn’t mean we can’t count only Petar can’t count, we never taught him mathematics when we programmed his personality

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): technically he asked 7, i asked 8 and 9 then he asked 10. does it have to be a real animal? what about a cyborg animal or a fish (fish aren’t animals they are just things!)

Four Noble Truths (james): is that a threat? you threatening my life.. i want to be that dragon from dragon ball z. Not the earth one, the one where piccollo is from

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Namek ? Btw can it be a cyborg Womble ?

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): I’m with pervis…i wanna be a womble

Four Noble Truths (james): yeah, Namek thou i would just make the wish by myself

Four Noble Truths (pervis): growing up, DragonBall Z was the closest thing any of us had to an education

< cut out some less than presentable material from Sneggy and James>

Four Noble Truths (pervis): Yeah well, all this talk of losing your virginity before the age of 30 is making me jealous, can we move on to the next question

Klouwe: Thank you very much for the interview. Good luck in W50!

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): Thanks for having us. We were great!

Four Noble Truths (james): We were great indeed

Four Noble Truths (sneggy): right boys…time for us to leave i think. its been swell but the swelling has gone down

Four Noble Truths (pervis): tragic but inevitable after some 5 minutes


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