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June 6, 2010 in World 050 News

Shalom W50! I’m Klouwe, Blog Staff. There are many changes in the Top-10 Tribe & Player Ranking compared to last week. But Shirime is still n°1 in this world. So I had to interview him! Hard. has won the challenge (best W50 blog banner), looks nice, doesn’t it? Don’t forget to send me your entries for the challenge this week! Happy Reading…


Top 10 Tribe Ranking

Weekly updates on the Top 10 Tribe Ranking. Logically a lot happened in 1 week. 5 tribes are not in the top-10 anymore (ClaD, TT, GUCCI, Rawr, Rebels) and were logically replaced by 5 new tribes.

Congratulations to DIY! The ToolBox took n°1 spot in W50!

1 ) DIY 248.526 (+2 ranks)
2 ) Bush 216.020 (+3 ranks)
3 ) Femme 191.598 (new in top-10)
4 ) Honor 184.555 (+0 ranks)
5 ) SchOoL 173.270 (+1 rank)
6 ) A0A 158.546 (new in top-10)
7 ) SHAMAN 151.530 (new in top-10)
8 ) Unkwn 150.200 (-6 ranks)
9 ) Fetish 146.663 (new in top-10)
10 ) ASYLUM 143.732 (new in top-10)

Top 10 Player Ranking

Weekly updates on the Top 10 Tribe Ranking. The top 2 dogs are the same as last week, but all other top-10 players are newbies (compared to last week). And strangly the #3 player of the world is a member of an academy tribe(?)

1) Shirime [Femme] 23.402 (+0 ranks)
2) Four Noble Truths [Femme] 17.138 (+0 ranks)
3) -TwoFour- [~SRP~2] 15.529 (new in top-10)
4) Grrr.12 [Bush] 15.476 (new in top-10)
5) HB-302 One Shot [DIY] 15.296 (new in top-10)
6) Gawk [Femme] 15.092 (new in top-10)
7) XxiTry2HardxX [Looney] 14.729 (new in top-10)
8 ) Zalem [Unkwn] 14.183 (new in top-10)
9) GiraffeNuke [Crazy?] 13.187 (new in top-10)
10) Xplicid [Fetish] 13.018 (new in top-10)


Player of the Week: Shirime

This week I had a nice chat with Shirime!

Klouwe: Hello Shirime, you are n°1 player in the world! Congratulations! What’s your secret to be #1 rank?

Shirime (.united.): Actually, there isn’t much of a secret. We’re just maintaining activity as well as efficieny in farming.

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): I do performance-enhancing drugs. Can’t tell you which though. I hope it’s legal . . . But yeah, we are a 24/7 account, and apparently we are just a bit smarter or luckier than the others

Klouwe: You are #3 ODA-player in this world. Is ODA a good marker for decent players this early in the game? Cause having a high ODA also means that you probably also lost many troops which might be inefficient…

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): yeah, we lost a lot of troops, but not enough to keep us from having a full farm when the troops return… lesser losses would mean fewer coins, but so far that is not really an issue for us. More coins, of course, that is. To answer the question, is it a good marker? no, it’s probably not. but it’s not a bad sign either.

Klouwe: The previous interview was with Four Noble Truths also a member of Femme. A week ago Femme was only ranked #171 of the world, now Femme raised to #3 very quickly. So things are going very well in Femme?

Shirime (.united.): Pretty good, we gave them secrets of pointwhoring

Klouwe: Has the uprising power of Femme already caused enemies or alliances? Or does Femme play without diplomacy?

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): I don’t know (think)

Shirime (.united.): Diplomacy, whats that?

Klouwe: it’s the thing that gives you authomatically pretty colors on your map

Shirime (.united.): oh those light blue colors, we have alot of them

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): our map is mostly one colour, it’s a tribe of 50-70 pointers who surround us …

Klouwe: yeah, i also got problems with that grey tribe Barb :S they totally surround me …

Shirime (.united.): be carefull , they attack!

Klouwe: What’s the most funny thing that happened in this world yet? (can be a mail, a post on the forum, a report)

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): it happened today. I was trying to kill off some lc from a defensive village, so I just sent them at the nearest player who was still active. It turned out to clear him:


Quantity: 0 0 0 0 1 28 0 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 0 21 0 0 0 0 0 0


Quantity: 46 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 46 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): big resource pits, no stables, no nothing…

Shirime (.united.): we have our love letter collection as well!

Klouwe: explain…

Shirime (.united.): people flirting with us (wasntme)

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): it’s a guy, who loves us, especially me, Michelle Obama. .united. posted some on the forums, we had to block him in the end though. there was too many

Klouwe: so there is a guy in Femme? What a lucky fellow! I thought Femme contained only female players?

Shirime (.united.): yeah, are we guys? O.o We’re Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

Klouwe: which tribe (not including Femme) is according to you, the best tribe in this world?

Shirime (.united.): …etc

Klouwe: that’s my tribe! why?

Shirime (Dentarthurdent):…etc(rofl) aren’t you sweet

Klouwe: (blush) i’m adorabl! I’m better than justin bieber!

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): uhm, I didn’t look much at the tribes yet. but I will soon. I’ve noticed …etc before, because they are close to us

Klouwe: Suppose you could have a swimming pool at your place containing 1 specific “fluid”. What would you choose?

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): that’s a hard one… Are you allowed to sell it?

Klouwe: nope, you can only swim in it and drink from it

Shirime (.united.): drink from what we’re swimming in ???

Klouwe: yep, and it refills authomatically

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): I’d probably choose an lsd-solution in water. Would last a life-time. Just would need to have it locked tightly when my sister’s kids were here . . .

Shirime (.united.): Before the end, I’d like to show our love for the almighty Hasoona

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): we miss you!

Klouwe: thank you very much for this interview

Shirime (.united.): you’re welcome

Klouwe: I was awesome and so were you!

Shirime (Dentarthurdent): thank you

Klouwe: good luck in this world!


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Challenge of the Week

The winner of the last challenge (W50 Blog Banner) is won by HARD. Congratulations! His banner is used for the blogs now.

This week the challenge is…


Send me the best lolcat picture via ingame mail or forum mail. The best ones will be published in the next blog.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.