World 46: World Update

May 29, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 blog! This week’s edition will give an overview on the world in general, not simply the top two tribes. Read on for details….

Since I began blogging for World 46 almost 5 months ago, a lot has changed. Below is a list of the changes between then (January) and now.

Players Left (Jan): 2116

Players Left (now): 1523

Players over 6 million points (Jan): 2

Players over 6 million points (now): 15

Tribes over 50 million points (Jan): 4

Tribes over 50 million points (now): 2

What does this mean for players on World 46 right now? Well, for one, it will not be long before noble prices are reduced.

When will this happen? Well… sometime during October would be the predicted time that this would occur,  judging by the current rate of those leaving World 46. However, it mainly depends how fast the top two tribes decide to noble out those on the rim. 500, ROTP and SSOFIA have a combined might of almost 300 players. While most of these will not end up in either of the final two tribes, their tenure on World 46 will probably be decided by Twist! and TSL. Will the two superpowers focus on each other? Or will they go after the little guys…. that is the key.

How about the closure of the World to those who wish to join it?

This is not to far off to be honest. Worlds 40-45 just recently closed (on May 24th). This means that World 46 will most likely close to new registrations within the next month or two.

Subsequent to this happening, and the initial noble price reduction, the noble prices will be reduced even farther. I personally look forward to this development as it will definitely help me. (I unfortunately always run out of nobles)

The culmination of this all is a long ways off however.

Excepting a merge by TSL and Twist!, this will not happen until one nobles the other. Judging by other worlds that have been placed in this situation, ennobling of thousands of villages can take years.

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Even with a merge of the top two tribes, there is still a lot of villages left. Despite having little to no chance of winning the world, the remainder of the tribes in the top ten have about 10,000 villages between them. This is still a considerable portion of villages, even compared to the 30,000 apiece held by Twist! and TSL.


World 46 is still steadily approaching its end… but that does not mean that place is close by. I foresee 2 or more years still in this game, possibly more, depending on how close the endgame war between TSL and Twist! ends up being.  Speaking of which….

War Stats SelectShow


Twist! has steadily increased their lead… but really have not gained much in the grand scheme of things. Still, it is beneficial to noble opponents villages in any case. Twist! has in particular done great damage to about 3 or 4 TSL players who have been pummeled. The territorial gains present in the 65 conquers within the last week for Twist! do little however, save solidify some of the continents already within their possession.

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