World 46: Twisted Anarchy

April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 046 News, World News

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Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! This week’s edition focuses on the eastern portion of the world, and more specifically: Anarky.

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Anarky started out as not much more than a man and a woman with a few incoming attacks.  Fireyflame and Pawprints were these two people, alone and facing the world. Sandwiched between two warring tribes, Firey and Paw fought off the attacks of TWAA and IF (two early eastern tribes) and expanded quickly, soon growing throughout k58.

TWAA soon fell to IF, IF then falling to 1337. A tribe called HD then also hit Firey and Paw, but also failed miserably. This tribe merged with k67, which in the future became another tribe named BOA.

Perhaps the biggest war that Firey and his small tribe had to fight early on though, was against a tribe named SAD. This war lasted longer than the others that Anarky had previously fought in, but the results were the same. SAD fell, and Anarky took in some of their better players. Some fled to a new tribe named Mania though, which then declared war on Anarky. Firey and company quickly brought this tribe to their knees though also, and once again recruited their best players to join Anarky.

Other Mania players joined 1337 (mentioned previously) however, foreshadowing future problems. Anarky and 1337 did establish a close NAP however, and for some time, were friendly. However, when a new duke took over in 1337, things changed.

1337 declared war on Anarky, and quickly attacked them. As unsuccessful as the others that had fought Anarky in the past though, 1337 quickly lost ground to Anarky, which moved forward at an alarming rate.

1337 finally split up after several months of fighting, with several active northern players creating their own tribe, and fighting Anarky alone. This did not last long either however, as Skill? recruited the survivors from 1337 and soldified their border with Anarky.

Skill? and Anarky did not wait long to start a war that was quite clearly in the cards. It started unofficially, as a border dispute, but quickly enveloped each tribe. Anarky and Skill? have been trading conquers for quite some time now, with no large headway going to either side.

Another, more recent development included the merge of SnM into Anarky, giving them a firm grasp on the southern flank of Skill?. Unfortunately this did not work out completely, since Skill? recruited several southern players for the sole purpose of attacking this newly gained Anarky territory. If you would like to see the territorial change made my these moves, please check the pair of maps below.

This war still continues with Skill? ahead in the statistics. Firey and his crew have not slowed down it seems though, and they continue to fight, and hold their border with their western enemies.

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