World 46: The top 4 tribes analysis!

February 12, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Hello everyone! I of course am Ampatriot, and I am bringing you another exciting and informative edition of the World 46 Blog!

This week’s edition will be focused around the top 4 tribes (as always!) The format will be that of a “Top 4 Tribes Analysis”, which will give everyone a chance to compare these excellent tribes together…. Anyway… on to the details!

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First up is… TSL! This tribe has been ranked 1st for quite a while. Their team has continued to prevail over it’s enemies during recent months, most recently TSB.

Total points: 163.504.056

Points of the top 40 players: 143.321.054

Opponents defeated while attacking: 831,300,000

Opponents defeated while defending: 514,110,000

Total opponents defeated: 1.330.153.200

Top player: ony7 (6.157.679 points)

Current wars: TSB

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This war so far has been going very well for TSL. The border players for The Sith Lords have been relentlessly pounding their nukes against the walls of their southern foes… and especially during this last week, have experienced much success.

This tribe has shown no sign of slowing their steady growth, and promise to remain at the top position for many months to come.

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At the rank 2 position is Skill? They have maintained the second rank for quite sometime, and show no apparent signs of faltering either.  They are currently participating in a war with Anarky, a war that they continue to lead in.

Total Points: 138.913.745

Points of the top 40 players: 134.535.329

Opponents defeated while attacking: 759,770,000

Opponents defeated while defending: 447,240,000

Total opponents defeated: 1.207,010,000

Top Player: Snetwoods (6.128.981 points)

Current wars: Anarky

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While this war has heat up during the past weeks, Skill? is still maintaining a solid advantage over their adversaries. However, 30 conquers a week does not do much in ending the war. This war is on pace to drag on indefinitely… so both sides seem to be settling into the war pattern.

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TSB is ranked third. They are still a relatively new tribe, born from the ruins of 3DX and S.Q. Their inherited war with TSL continues though, and they have shown but little signs of standing firm against the raging nukes of their northern foes.

Total Points: 155,693,823

Points of the top 40 players: 115.135.582

Opponents defeated while attacking: 693,601,045

Opponents defeated while defending: 653,478,139

Total opponents defeated: 1,347,079,184

Top Player: Ekrem (5,753,974 points)

Current wars: TSL

TSB is currently struggling in their war against the top ranked tribe, and have lost a large amount of villages to their rivals during the last week. However, they do have quite large piece of territory, so even should their enemies from the north continue at this week’s rate of nobling, TSB will survive for years. The main obstacle for this tribe will most likely turn into fighting inactivity and creating a firm wall against The Sith Lords.

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Anarky is ranked 4th, and controls the eastern rim of the world. They have been involved of late in a heated war with their western rivals Skill?, and continue to batter at them. They have not been successful in halting the Skill? advance so far, but a series of recent ops have helped them keep the war very close.

Total Points: 112.133.484

Points of the top 40 players: 86.851.248

Opponents defeated while attacking: 669,017,107

Opponents defeated while defending: 628,936,345

Total opponents defeated: 975.097.513

Top Player: Fireyflame (5.010.752 points)

Current wars: Skill?

Despite currently losing their war with Skill?, Anarky is still growing unimpeded. The slim margin of conquers means very little at this point, so there is little doubt that Anarky will continue their growth, and war into the foreseeable future.

And… that wraps up the summary of the top 4 tribes. I apologize for the lateness of this edition… but I will try to make up for it by another edition soon.  The current map of this world is below, which should wrap things up for this issue.

Stay tuned folks ;) And stay golden!

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