World 46: The story of the core

March 23, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! This week will solely feature an overview of the history of Skill?, the second ranked tribe on our beautiful world. Read on for the story of Skill?…..

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Skill? was formed on July 16, 2010. Started from the ruins of the former top ranked tribe Funny, they immediately established themselves as that great tribe’s successor. However, the story of Skill? does not start here. The real origins lie all the way back when World 46 first was released.

Two separate tribes began at this time. One was named FID, the other; Bunny. Both contained exceptional players, and quickly grew to become top ranked tribes. After a fruitful relationship for some time, these tribes merged, creating Funny, a tribe that dominated the core. They secured their position for some time, but them finally got hit with internal issues. Several players left Funny at this time, and created a new tribe named Skill?

In the weeks after this creation, many more Funny players defected to Skill. Skill? rose quite speedily, and made the decision to declare war on their former tribe.

With activity and most of Funny’s best players, the inactives left in Funny were vanquished, and Skill? turned their focus to their surroundings. Bordered by powerful tribes on all sides, Skill?’s leadership made several wise diplomatic ties, and became allies with the top ranked tribe: TSL. With this alliance created, Skill? turned their attention towards the south, and a growing issue: 3DX.

During the fall of Funny, several of the old FID players joined 3DX; the dominant southern power at the time. 3DX aggressively recruited players around Skill?, and even allied themselves with BOA (another tribe to the south of Skill?), showing quite clearly that they had intentions of expanding northward. Skill? first declared war on BOA, and after doing quite well against that tribe, declared on 3DX.

Skill?’s newfound allies did not take long to join in on the fray.  The joint powers pummeled 3DX and their allies. 3DX and their southern alliance did not last long, falling quickly to Skill? and TSL. In a somewhat surprising move,  Skill? allowed BOA to merge into it,  giving Skill? another border on the falling 3DX.

3DX’s descent after that point was swift, and as it fell Skill? turned its sights on the east. An eastern tribe named Anarky shared a large border with Skill?, and had been busy for some time with a northern tribe named 1337.  Skill? did little at first, but when the appropriate time came, they recruited a contingent of former 1337 players, and began moving eastward.

The war between Skill? and Anarky was not long in coming. Isolated skirmishes broke out along the border at first, and eventually turned into full scale operations. This war has been continuing all the way into the present day, and shows no signs of abating. Skill? does maintain a quite sizeable lead in conquers, but despite this, Anarky’s efforts have not been abated.

Skill?’s future will undoubtedly be a positive one. They, much like TSL have shown no sign of falling. With their staunch allies at their back, Skill? will have no problems anywhere in the near future.


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