World 46: The “Lulz” edition!

February 18, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Hello everyone! I am back… with a special edition of the World 46 Blog! Due to some recent complaints regarding the nature of my blog (it was too factual) I have decided to spice it up! It seems that what everyone really wants to hear about.. is the dirt, the grime and of course… the noobs! Read on for this week’s fun and games!

This weeks edition will include pictures of myself streaking at an athletic event a random assortment of fun stuff for everyone out there to giggle over.  Also included will be some news that no one really cares about!

First off, I will begin with a mail! This mail was received after the sender was attacked. He asks the greatest question of them all…. Why?

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roflcupcakes! Ermm… anyway, on to the next event!

During the last week, the top 4 tribes have been all over the local papers.. ChachiINcharge and Thegrinreefer were spotted together by paparazzi, while Open mind’s mother was arrested under the suspicion of a homicide involving the late Margarine.

The case is still being heard even now, but regardless, poor margarine is dead, and his family is grieving :(

Unfortunately the only picture that the paparazzi got of margarine before he was carted away to the morgue was this one…

Anyway, back to that steamy love affair between Chachi and Thegrinreefer…  they were discovered by Firey and his larger than average gun.

This did not end well for Chachi (the guy hanging from the balcony) and he ended up just slightly better than Margarine did. According to eyewitness accounts from the paparazzi present at the scene, Firey did start beating Chachi with a blunt object before shooting him several times with that very large and unwieldy gun pictured above.

In other news, TDL has taken a devastating lead over their rivals in CREED! Even though no one has ever heard of either of these tribes, everyone does need to know all the gory details of this war! Take a look at the most likely misinterpreted and skewed statistics below, and see for yourself firsthand the brutal slaughter.

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Can Creed recover from this terrible difference in conquers? We will all be waiting with bated breath over this one!

And that is all the news worth talking about this week! Some bickering has been going on between some tiny rim tribes named TSL, Skill?, TSB and Anarky, but it is hardly worth mentioning in so respected a production as this one.

So that will wrap things up for this week! Take note of several things though before you go on your merry ways…

(1.) I will be posting the world map once a month (in the end of the month edition) from now on

(2.) I will plan on doing two interviews every month on various topics, one blog as a end of the month round up, and one as a random one (such as this one)

(3.) I will be including a competition twice a month following the tradition of what some of my counterparts here on the blog team do. I will be asking for an entry of some sort (funniest video, funniest mail, strangest report etc.) I will specify the mode in which to send it to me at the time of each competition.

(4.) Please continue to send me feedback, about what you do and especially what you do not like about the blog. Your advise does help make this blog the best it can be.

Thanks guys, and stay golden :)

Competition 1!

Find the funniest mail that you can, and send it to me via any of the following methods. Skype (Ampatriot), Tribal Wars Forum (Ampatriot), or in game on World 46 (Swordalchemist)