World 46: Statistical Update

July 23, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! I apologize for slacking off on my duty to you, but between tagging incomings and sleeping, I really do not have much time to devote to my loyal following (thats you). Anyways, I will be back to getting out 4 blogs a month, and hopefully making sure they are spaced evenly. 

World Map


*Due to a series of complaints that I have not interviewed any TSL players for some time, I conducted an interview with Gals, and southern TSL member.

*I will continue posting blogs similar to this one, in a similar format. Unfortunately, not much has been happening in this world… and since there are but two major tribes left, only a single war can be covered.

*Please contact me with any complaints or comments.

War Stats

TSL and Twist have continued their battle, with neither side gaining much over the last month. 

Twist! has how done much better in the last week, gaining quite a few villages on their enemies. To my knowledge however, neither side has launched an op during the last month, and once this happens, the conquer margin should show a considerable change.

Conquer Map

Red conquers are Twist! conquers from TSL, while Blue are TSL from Twist!. The black are conquers by either side, not from the opposing tribe. It can be easily seen that in the center of the map, both tribes have been heavily nobling the barbs left by the mass deletion of several Twist players.

Interview: Gals

So Gals, how long have you been playing on World 46?

Forever it seems, but really only since the 19th of  January, 2010.

So what tribes have you been in? Could you give me a brief run through of your tribal past?

I started in S.A.D, or something like that. Penguin was the leader there. Later on we merged with 3dx. I had a pile of positions in that tribe.

From there where did you go?
After a disagreement with the leader of 3DX, I left and formed MOO. That had to be the best tribe ever.

From there you joined TSB?And then TSL?

Now in TSL, how would you compare it to your past tribes such as 3DX and TSB?

3DX sucked after a while, due to the poor leadership of Stainmaker, hence why I left. TSB was a good tribe to start with until Szirius quit. It went down hill from there. So… TSB in good times is about same as TSL I’d say.

How has the war been going for you? Have you been participating in it much?

I’ve been pretty inactive over the war so far, so I am surprised that I am only like 4 villages down. Fortunately I am active now again, though.

So how far are you located from the front?

I own k74, which is the border. It seems to be moving away from me now, however.

Have you been attacking Twist? Or have they been attacking you?

I’ve been attacking a small bit. I think I ruffled a feather or 2 when sent a few nukes at a Twist! player near me. Shortly after the incomings began to rise.
How many incoming do you have?
1,005 at this time. Many landed already though.
So do you have any plans for your future in this war?

Ooh of course I do! Revenge! Those fakes will be punished.
Also, I plan to end Twist! presence in K74Then move on over into k75. I will be concentrating on those who sent me incomings of course.

Alright Gals, good luck in your endeavors!

Thank you,The same to you as well.