World 46: Past and Present

January 9, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Hello everyone!

I, Ampatriot, am back, and ready to bring you the second edition of World 46’s one and only blog!

This special edition of the World 46 blog will feature an exciting and informative interview with a very special player, and also showcase the first of a new tradition for this blog: a world map.

Each edition from this time forward will include a map of the world as of the day posted. This will preserve maps and history for this world for the weeks, months, and years to come. Below is the first copy of the map, detailing the split between the four powerhouses, TSL, Skill?, TSB and Anarky.

World 46: 1/09/2011 SelectShow

Now on to the interview!

With me today is Frozen State, a player who is quite familiar with the events and decisions that shaped World 46 into what it is today.

Without any further ado… Frozen State!

Me: Hello Frozen, how are you doing?

Frozen State: Good, you?

Me: I am doing well thanks. So can you tell our audience a little bit about yourself?

Frozen State: Well I’m Frozen State, pretty easy to see. I’ve been playing for 3 years this spring, but I’ve never really concentrated on a world till now.

Me: Why is that? You have been playing on world 46 from the start haven’t you?

Frozen State: It was a lot more fun to have 300k accounts across four worlds and let the attacks come in. And I have been playing from the day after world 46 started, if I remember correctly.

Me: So what tribe were you in originally on World 46?

Frozen State: S.A.D – My own tribe, which controlled K74 at its peak

Me: And you are in TSB now, correct? Can you explain your path from S.A.D. to TSB?

Frozen State: Yes I am in TSB presently. My tribe merged with 3dx, before stainmaker/skyark got control of the leadership. Then 3dx fell because the leadership, (skyark, lady vengeance and johninflorida- who quit before the end)

I then left to join up with Moo, who left 3dx for the same reason as I did. Lack of  leadership…

Moo then formed TSB afterwards, causing 3dx to slowly decay.

Me: Alright, and these are/were all southern tribes correct?

Frozen State: Yes they were, south-western to be exact.

Me: What was happening in the other parts of the world at the time of the S.A.D merge with 3DX?

Frozen State: A lot. As far as I can remember TSL were fighting Unique who merged at some point later. FID was gaining huge mounts of ground, and single K tribes were becoming strong, (k67 for one I remember). As for the north-east, I can’t remember.

Around that time, PowerT’s leaders all fell inactive which led them to join 3dx.

Me: Alright, there are 4 present day powers that make up most of the world: TSL, Skill?, TSB and Anarky. Could you describe where these tribes came from, and what tribes formed them?

Frozen State: TSL, like I said was called TSL for ages, and merged with the bigger Unique. Then they did some dominating in their area. As far as I remember though, none of there wars were really taxing. [R] being the war they’ve claimed most on, being already falling, and a mass delete already forming when TSL hit. This wasn’t a big success when you look at it properly. People like Oddik and margarine, who didn’t delete, were never removed.

To there favour though, they dealt with Rebz quickly enough.

Skill?’s history is probably the most unclear to me, since the core of the broke apart from two huge super tribes, (fid and bunny) only to reform into Skill?. Skill? has since then engaged in war with 3dx and BOA. And then they took in BOA to add to their growing pile of inactives, which seems to of done them well in the long run. And now have annoyed Anarky into… is it a war yet?

TSB has grown out of 3dx’s ashes, but have removed several of the people who made 3DX what it was. It also includes S.Q. and the tribe SL, who were part of 3dx as well. TSB has grown to being the biggest tribe in the world, But also with the highest member count of any of the big tribes. If that will affect them in the long term… who knows? Plenty of people to be removed, but they will be able to cope with inactives much better than the tribes with less members. Also it looks like they have inherited the TSL war.

Anarky have had a strange history from what I’ve seen from the other side of the world. They were the merger between a boa split and another tribe of that rim of the world, Mania I believe. They quickly tested their fighting strength by taking on 1337, which at first seemed foolish, but they proved us wrong. Or did they? 1337 was quickly shown to be lacking an able leadership, and not able to support members they recently took in from Anarky. But that aside, we’ll see there true colours as they fight Skill?, who won’t be as easily broken.

Me: Hmm… Thank you Frozen, that really does shed a lot of light on what has happened in this world.

Just out of curiosity, what do you think will happen with these 4 tribes in the future?

Frozen State: War. It’s always war. Personally I don’t know who will win. At this time it depends on the leaders and loyalty of the members much more than the skill each tribe has

Me: Yes, that is true; persistence will be a key part of this world’s future. Players that lose interest can only harm their respective tribes.

Alright Frozen, thank you for your time

Frozen State: You’re welcome

Me: Good luck, and stay golden :D