World 46: January Summary

January 30, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Hello everyone! I am Ampatriot, your lovable World 46 blogger!

In this edition of the World 46 blog, I will be presenting an overview on the events that happened on our great world during the month of  January. Read on for the juicy details!

January was an exciting month for World 46, with several huge milestones. The foremost of course being the creation of its very own blog!

Several other changes occurred in game, marking World 46’s move ever closer to the “end game” scenario that is anticipated in all worlds.

The first sign of this was a consolidation of tribes into the top 4, mainly the merge of SnM into Anarky. While Anarky already controlled most of the eastern rim of the world, their recruitment of the southeastern tribe did give them a solid grasp on the entire eastern rim. However, this unprecedented move did set them at odds with TSB, which has cost them quite a few villages during the last month.

War Statistics: TSB vs Anarky SelectShow

Also the war between Skill?, the tribe controlling the core of the world, and Anarky has been stepped up. Skill? has gained over 200 villages from their eastern enemies, and has clearly dominated, at least during the first part of January. However, Anarky has taken almost 40 unanswered villages during the last week, showing some signs of coming back. This is definitely the war that the world is watching, and will continue to watch, as we move into Febuary.

War Statistics: Skill? vs Anarky SelectShow

The third major war going on during the month of January was the one between TSB and their northern neighbors TSL. This war however continues to slow down, with only minimal conquers on both sides.  This war promises to drag on… possibly until something monumental happens on the other side of the world.

After looking through the stats, and summarizing what has happened, I decided to talk to players from each of the top four tribes, and get their thoughts about what has happened during the month of January, and where they will be headed from here.

First I talked to Opteron, a duke in TSL, and I asked him about where he thinks his tribe is headed, and what his plans are for the future.

Opteron180: We are the number one tribe, so we fight to keep this place… Our plans? To take as many vils as we can… Which vils? All vils except Skill? vils :)

Oh and I forgot, the biggest plan is to have fun in this game.

After I finished chatting with Opty, I moved on to find a player from Anarky to chat with. Unfortunately, the respectable player that I did get a hold of… declined to participate, so I threw a small temper tantrum, and then moved on to find someone from TSB.

Fortunately, the player that I talked to from TSB did not decline to chat with me, so I asked him what he thought of the last month, and what he thought the future would hold for his tribe.

Zeusaua: The last month saw the beginning of the war between TSB and TSL, which might play out as the war that determines the winner of world 46, so it was a huge month. As for the future, I see TSB maintaining its grip on the southwest, and eventually taking all of the southern part of the world.

After I gathered all of the information that I could from Zeusaua, I snuck away and ran over to Skill? to see if I could glean anything from them. ChachiINcharge found me lurking about, so I asked him what his plans were for the future.

ChachiINcharge: We are headed east, towards the rim. We want to rim Rage! but we have to get through Anarky first. We are also patching a wound in the core, but the red is getting cleaned up.

Well there you are folks! The month of January has been an eventful one for World 46, so I hope you will all stick around as the adventure continues! Below is this weeks map, which should wrap things up for this edition of the World 46 Blog.

Oh… and stay golden ;)

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