World 46: An Interview with xDarkx

May 22, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! This week features an interview with xDarkx, a player from Twist!

xDarkx has had quite an experience in World 46. He started in the tribe FID, moved to 3DX during their war with Skill?, and then moved in Skill? eventually. From that tribe, he was a part of the great merge with Anarky to form Twist!


Ampatriot: Hello there Dark! How are you doing?

xdarkx: Good how is the chemist?

Ampatriot: I am well :) For the sake of… our audience, could you explain what tribe you are in, and how you got there?

xDarkx: I currently hold my head in the tribe of  Twist! I came to Twist via skill? Before skill? It was 3dx and FID for me.

Ampatriot: So… it has been quite a trip it seems. Well, I guess the first question that should be asked here is…. are you enjoying your new tribemates? How is that adjustment from enemy to friend going?

xDarkx: Yes it has been one I have enjoyed quite well along the way. The adjustment has been fine for myself and as I can see quite well for most tribemates.  As I am enjoying working with them and they are some good folks.

Ampatriot: That is positive for sure. I had my doubts about the sustainability of a tribe including players that had fought each other for many months…But it sounds like it has been working out well. Well… next could you comment on how the war has been going so far? Your tribe (Twist) has been leading by a few conquers.

xDarkx: Yes even though I have to say it was kinda ackward the first few days. Instead of sending nukes I was sending mails to them with open arms. The war is going good. I personally think this war will take many years to win as no tribe will be a cake walk. Both tribes have their strengths and weakness. So I see it being more of a cat and mouse game for quite a while until the weakness start getting exploited and true gains are made.

Ampatriot: That is very true. Even if one tribe was much better than the other… 30,000 villages on both sides makes it a lengthy war, no matter what. So how is the new leadership working out in Twist!? Who exactly is the leadership?

xDarkx: Well we will start off by saying the leadership works well together. The leadership roles are shared from both former skill?/Anarky players.

Ampatriot: That is good, so no hard feelings will be created through that route.

xDarkx: Yes, I mean who wants to play in a tribe where they feal they have no place? I see it almost the same as the TSL merger. Except we have represenatives from both sides and it seems to be working out quite nicely.

Ampatriot: That is always good to hear. So I have heard that you guys launched your first op so far? How did that turn out?

xDarkx: Well I havent seen anyone rimmed from either side thus far. So im going to have to go with marginal until this happens. As I prefer a complete rimming of the Op target before I can all out call it a success. As of right now the stats dont proove alot for either tribe.

Ampatriot: Yeah, I suppose you are right. You are on the border between TSL and Twist! correct?Do you think that you may end up as an op target sometime in the near future?

xDarkx: Yes I am located in k64/65 borderline. Do I think I will end up an Op target? I think the best answer is when rather than if.

Ampatriot: Well good luck when that comes around. TSL is famous for its ops…. but then of course, it has never done an op on Twist….

xDarkx: I think TSL will do well as I have never seen a TSL Op..but I hear they are quite scary.

Ampatriot: We will see I suppose, there is one due sometime in the next few weeks I would guess. So do you have any other comments about the war? It is shaping up to be one for the books.

xDarkx: Well at the rate it is going right now it might be put down as one of the longest ones ever in tw history. :)

Ampatriot: Yeah… so in the end, the winner may turn out to be the tribe with the players that stick around longest. Well good luck!

xDarkx: That or the ones that dont die off first. Thanks sword.

Ampatriot: Thank you Dark! We will have to speak again sometime, after the op on you. Then you can tell us firsthand what its like

xDarkx:  Alright sounds good bud.

Ampatriot: Have a good one ;)

XDarkx: You too man.

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