World 46: A look at the south

February 25, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Hello everyone! It is time for another amazing edition of the World 46 blog! This blog is simply composed of an interview with Hobiekayak, a player who hails from the southern part of the world. His past experiences are not flashy, or extraordinary, but his solid record proves the stamina that is so important in this game. Read on for his story….

Hobiekayak is a player based in k85, or the southern part of World 46. Despite that section of the world being fairly boring at this point of the world, he has seen his fair share of war back in the days of the former southern forces: 3DX and XTC. Not much more can be said… so without further ado…. Hobiekayak!

Ampatriot: Hello Hobie! How are you doing this evening?

Hobiekayak: Superfantastic!

Ampatriot: Great! So how has Tribal Wars been treating you lately?

Hobiekayak: Pretty good, at least it has been giving me something to do all winter.

Ampatriot: That’s good I suppose. So what region of World 46 are you located in?

Hobiekayak: South/southeast k85 mostly.

Ampatriot: I see…. Oh and for the sake of our audience, you should probably also clarify what tribe you are in :) You are in TSB correct?

Hobiekayak: Yes, we’re the shadiest ;)

Ampatriot: Very nice! So could you explain how you got to this place? To clarify that, could you explain some of your experiences, and what tribes you were in.

Hobiekayak: Well I joined in January 2010, when the world came out. I started out in k76 with some buddies in FEAR. While there, I got 4-5 vills, but then got my first TW lesson from a player named kotsirius. He rimmed me good, but I managed to send a noble train to k85 just before he took my last village. At that point Iwas pretty much between XTC and 3DX.

Ampatriot: So what tribe were you in during the war between XTC and 3DX?

Hobiekayak: Well I got into XTC which eventually merged into 3DX.

Ampatriot: Ah I see. So what kind of experiences did you have in that war? K85 was the primary battleground, so I would imagine that you must have seen your share of the fight.

Hobiekayak: Well for the most part the only incoming I got came from my future TSB leaders… Szirius and Margarine, with the occasional Smokeyb attack. Fortunately they didn’t hit me up much. I was kind of the little guy on the block.

Ampatriot: So after you joined 3DX, where did you go from there?

Hobiekayak: When 3dx fell apart I could have gone TSB or SL. Some friends and I chose SL because we wanted to fight closer to home…  I’d say I should have just joined TSB instead since the same leaders are now in place here.

Ampatriot: So while in SL, you had an alliance with TSB correct?

Hobiekayak: Yes, we mostly worked on Anarky and AFO.. We wanted to work on OL also but we had a useless nap with them and now were stuck trying to clean them up now

Ampatriot: So at the moment, you are in TSB with most of your tribemates from the past. Where do you see yourself, and your current tribe going from here?

Hobiekayak: I’m in TSB with a lot of people I’ve been in tribes with before. My 2 “tight as a frogs butt” friends, (frogs butts are water tight or they’d drown) are also in this tribe.  As for me and my current tribe, well I envision seeing blue from K1 to k99.

Unfortunately, the problem with that is we might win this world before they get to filling in the corners ;)

Ampatriot: Good luck with that venture! So back to you personally… what do you see short term for yourself?

Hobiekayak: Well I’d like to clear up my home k area, and work my way up to front lines. Also, I have a few side projects that should prove to be entertaining.

Ampatriot: Sounds like fun! Well good luck Hobie!

Hobiekayak: Thanks Sword.

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Thanks everyone! And remember… stay golden! ;)