World 44 Weekly Blog.

June 23, 2010 in World 044 News, World News

Good afternoon world 44, It’s time for your weekly update.

Firstly If you were not aware there have been some new updates and tweaks introduced to the game on Monday the 21st of June.

TAB key can be used in tribal forums now

Combined overview: Changed some inconsistent texts and graphics

Awards: Also give players “Resurrection award” if they were nobled

Some fixes and improvements to in-game help

Minor visual improvements

“Ennobled” report now contains the custom name of the attack

If account deletion is in progress, premium accounts are not prolonged anymore

PA: Attacks can be renamed in the confirmation page

Fixed some issues with forwarded reports

Fixed map pop-up layout for some versions of Internet Explorer

Bugfix: Browser offers to save password again

Bugfix: Publicized reports: Troops can be transferred to simulator again

Bugfix: Clicking link in a publicized report does not link out of sitted account anymore

Bugfix: Paladin does not get new weapon also if no statue has been built anymore

Bugfix: “Spied” hint was not displayed correctly

Bugfix: “Manage groups” was displayed without having a group

Bugfix: Queue in smithy did not show up correctly

World 44 Maps

There hasn’t been any major changes in the world other than the name change of Bells to ONA (Once And Never Again)

Current Wars

Side 1:Legacy + Reborn

Side 2: RAM

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 5
Side 2: 42
Difference: 37

I think the stats speak for themselves on this one. Legacy + Reborn will need to step up there game if they have any hope in catching up with RAM in the stats.

Side 1: storm, clear!

Side 2: Clan1 , T.C

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 592
Side 2: 74
Difference: 518

Again, I think clan1 + T.C will need to step up there game if they want to win this war. Though they do have some nice conquers on Storm and clear! maybe storm and clear! should co-ordinate a little more to prevent this?

Top 5 analysis.

1 D4alicious

  • Nobles an average of 3.2 villages per day.
  • The dominant player in two continents.
  • Rank 1 overall with 5.8 million.
  • Rank 2 in ODA with 32 million.
  • Rank 15 in ODD with 13 million.
  • Rank 2 in ODT with 46 million.
  • Villages are nicely pointed hiding his church villages.

2. woundedwand

  • Nobles an average of 2.7 villages per day.
  • Does not dominate any continents.
  • Rank 2 overall with 4.6 million.
  • Rank 1 in ODA with 46 million.
  • Rank 11 in ODD with 14 million.
  • Rank 1 in ODT with 61 million
  • Villages are nicely pointed hiding his/her church villages.

3. gummer4england

  • Nobles an average of 2.3 villages per day.
  • Dominant player of 1 continent.
  • Rank 3 overall with 4.3 million.
  • Rank 15 in ODA with 14 million.
  • Rank 297 in ODD with 1.8 million.
  • Rank 32 in ODT with 16 million.
  • Villages are different points & may reveal church villages.

4. -Attila-

  • Nobles an average of 2.2 villages per day.
  • Dominant player of 1 continent.
  • Rank 4 overall with 3.9 million.
  • Rank 11 in ODA with 17 million.
  • Rank 46 in ODD with 7 million .
  • Rank 16 in ODT with 24 million.
  • Does not have an average village build which may reveal his/her church villages.

5. Medflex

  • Nobles an average of 2.3 villages per day.
  • Does not dominate a continent.
  • Rank 5 overall with 3.9 million.
  • Rank 24 in ODA with 11.9 million.
  • Rank 471 in ODD with 1 million.
  • Rank 64 in ODT with 12.9 million.
  • Does not have any specific build which may reveal his/her church villages.

Interview with D4alicious

Me: How long have you been playing Tribalwars? W44 and what other worlds have you played?

D4: I started playing TW around Sept/Oct of 2007. A few months before W13 came out. W13 being my first major world. I got to around the 6 million point mark. W13 was pretty unique, it actually has barbs that grow to full villages. So I found it very easy to learn how to play and learn on that world. I thought I knew everything there was to know, boy was I mistaken. I played W30 till about 5-6 villages just to get the hang of the early game. My next big world was W38, where I got to top 5 and to around 4 million points. W44 came out at a time where I wasn’t enjoying W38 much so joined that and played them both for awhile. Then deleted my W38 account and concentrated solely on W44. Where I have been ever since.

Me: Please tell us your past W44 history, tribes etc…

D4: I don’t really have much history in W44. I started solo in K36 till I had 2-3 villages, at that time I was still playing in W38 with a guy who had a tribe in W44 called CoFfEe so I joined them but I was at least 2+ continents away from any of their members. At around 10-12 villages we merged with Broken. A few members I already knew from previous worlds were in the tribe, some old allies and even some old enemies. I made some great friends, and we had a good time in that tribe, no allies – enemies of all! After Broken, I moved to Glamor, and after one of the duke accounts got hacked and booted some of us I decided to go solo.

Me: You have been rank 1 for sometime now what is your secret?

D4: Secret?All I can say is that you get out what you put in. If you put the time in, you will get the results. Did I mention farming? I know alot of the top 20 have stopped farming, maybe all of the have. There are alot of scripts out there that make farming pretty easy, find them, use them!

Me: Some people call you a pointwhore and a bad player, what is your intake on this?

D4: People can say what they like about me, it really doesn’t effect me in the slightest. I play my game the way I want to play it. If that means being a point whore then so be it. If there is anything I can’t stand it’s the lies and the over exaggerations, people assuming things because they are too lazy to look up facts.

Me: You are playing in a tribe yourself; why do you not play in a tribe with other players?

D4: Playing in a tribe by myself doesn’t bother me. (I know some of you want a screen shot of my forum to see me talking to myself, but you aren’t going to get it ;)) I still have my friends that I talk to in this world, even if they are slowly leaving one by one (as they do with any world). So in terms on communication, I don’t see it as being any different. Probably the only thing I do miss is the joint operations with tribe members.

Me: Do you have any predictions for this world? who will win current wars etc?

D4: Predictions for this world. I really don’t know. I think we will continue as we are in the current tribes for a fair amount of time yet. But after that the bulk of us merge into 2 different tribes and have a world war?

Me: Rate other players; best attacker? Best defender? Most skillful? Most likeable?

D4: I really don’t pay enough attention to other players in the world to be able to comment on who the best attackers/defenders are. But to be honest I haven’t seen anything spectacular from anyone. I must give credit where credit is due to woundedwand. He isn’t letting me pull away in points as quickly as I want. And his OD is nice!! And if I remember he did a good number on L.T.A was it? Some tribe anyway. Props to him.

Me: What do you like doing other than playing tribalwars?

D4: At the moment im watching a lot of of the Football World Cup. I play Fifa10 on Xbox, on PC I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 Beta. Really looking forward to that coming out at the end of next month. Also play some Team Fortress 2 and BF2. I love listening to music, playing around in photoshop, website design etc. etc. But at the end of the day, you can’t beat going down to the pub and having a few beers with a couple of mates.