World 43: Wreak Havock

January 15, 2011 in World 043 News, World News

Recently a new topic has been added to our relatively quiet forums. The new declaration made by Duck Soup for RSB against Ni. This post, although not entirely ethical, has done its exact purpose. Similar to what many instigators have done before him, war has once again been declared by an alias, except this time it worked. The stats are looking in Ni’s favor, but the players of world 43 have learned that the unexpected is always an option.

Below we have everything you could hope to know from the perspective of the leader of RSB, Lord Havock. The leader of Ni respectfully declined an interview. I think you will find there is more to the twisted story we all hear in the external forum.

Ryan: Well, I would like to start by thanking you for your time and information. Would you care to tell me a bit about your tribal wars experience prior to world 43 and how you got involved with this game?

Lord Havock: You are welcome and thank you for taking the time to ask me some questions. I met Waldo who is my fiancé in December of 2010 and he was playing the game in remembrance of a real life loss of his son. At first I thought it was crazy but know now that I love the game and have been playing now for 10 months. I have not ever played TW before that.

Ryan: And is this your first world?

Lord Havock: Yes.

Ryan: Your first world and you are already leading a tribe that is ranked number 6, that is quite an accomplishment for your first world. I remember my first world, but I also remember being sent to the rim multiple times. How do you think you have survived and grown so well in your first world? How did you get to be the leader of such a tribe?

Lord Havock: When I first joined I went into the tribe WNO. Then waldo got me into his tribe NmLs. Things were going well when Waldo and I decided to break away and start our own tribe because of complications with the leader. So, we started Rising Sun. After that, Waldo ended up going to FRST and I became sole leader. I made jimzter another leader as he is a good person.

Ryan: I personally prefer playing with people I like because I like the company rather than playing for the glory of winning the world. Do you consider your outlook on the game similar to that or are you in it to win it? 8-)

Lord Havock: No I am also in the game to meet people and get to know them. That is the most important thing. Other than that, I like to help out my friends and take a village here and there as you take up for your friends. I love TW, it is great and the friends I make are also!!

Ryan: Couldn’t agree more! It seems though that your tribe has declared on NI, the rank 3 tribe. Care to explain what led your tribe to take this step?

Lord Havock: I knew nothing about that until I first saw the post. I do know when we were RS we merged into VORB. The players that merged, myself included, did not like the diplomatic situation in VORB so we left to make the tribe RSB: Rising Sun is Back. Well, kyouske who is now in Ni hated us for that. After she joined Ni to have someone to back her up, she began to attack some of my tribe mates that stayed with us and not her. So that is one reason why NI is attacking us.

Ryan: So you have no idea who duck soup is nor did any leader of RSB give permission for a declaration?

Lord Havock: No, I have no idea who he is nor did any leader give him the right to declare war, but if it is going to happen we will be ready and fight!

Ryan: Curious… Well it seems you are now faced with a larger opponent and your tribe is a bit scattered all about the world, how do you intend to combat an enemy so much larger and as clustered as they are in comparison to RSB?

Lord Havock: We have a lot of strong players in RSB along with strong and trustworthy friends. We have placed our tribe members around our allies to support and to be supported in any war in this world.

Ryan: Well, is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself or your tribe before we finish this interview off?

Lord Havock: Just that my tribe is like my family. If you mess with one of us you mess with us all! It may not be right away, but in the end we will get you. I thank all my friends for their loyalty and for being real as I thanks my fiancé for introducing me to the game and for all he does. It is awesome to be able to play a game online with someone you love and I encourage others to do so. A little advice, make sure you have a laptop as well so you both can get on at the same time. :)

Ryan: Good advice. :) Well thank you so much for your time and the opportunity to talk with you. It has been both informative and entertaining.

Below is something that I will be doing on a trial basis. I will make a signature for everyone I interview that they can feel free to use or it will just be a picture on the blog. This helps them and it helps me to get better at creating and editing images.