World 43: A journey.

May 16, 2010 in World 043 News

Greetings from your new blogger!

I am harbinger297, your new World 43 blogger! It’s great to be doing this, and i look forward to taking this journey with you all.

A little bit about me:

harbinger297. People generally call me “harb” or “harbi”, but you can call me whatever you like.
16, turning 17 in one months time.
Besides Tribal Wars, I enjoy shooting, conservation hunting, bush driving, running, and i especially love writing.
Tribal Wars history:
I started on World 24, but being my first world i didn’t do very well, and eventually quit. I have drifted here and there throughout various worlds, too many to list, but never stayed on any for longer than a few weeks or months at most. Then i liked the look of World 43 settings, after messing around on World 42, and decided to join. I found a great bunch of people here, and found a great tribe, it has become my home world. I still occasionally dabble in other worlds, but World 43 is my main world. I plan to join World 50 however, like many other players, so i hope to see some of you there too!

So, that’s a little bit about me. Now, on to business.

World 43 tribes:

Courtesy of nickjer.

Tribe Rankings:

Recently there has been a “quiet before the storm” feel in the air, following the ending of the FRST/BORED! war, and the following disbanding of BORED! and allies Nomad. Many were not satisfied with the war, and the outcome, disappointed in the fact that it only lasted a mere 2-3 weeks. Attention now has turned to a possible war between FRST and the WMD family (both tribes can be seen on the map above) due to several BORED! players joining WMD after BORED! disbanded.

All eyes now are on FRST and WMD, the two superpowers of World 43, and who are now the main heavy hitters left on World 43.


“chOcolaTe bEar” (Duke of FRST):

harbinger297: Hello, thank you for agreeing to this interview. You are the co-player of Chocolate Bear, the duke of the rank 1 tribe: FRST. How do feel about the position your tribe is at right now in world 43?

Chocolate bear: Thanks for asking me to take a minute to be interviewed…

Right now w43 is pretty unpredictable. When you compare other tribes with Frst there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of competition and to be honest I am very confident in Frst so w43 is looking pretty good for our tribe.

harbinger297: Many have speculated on the possibility of an upcoming war between FRST and the rank 2 tribe WMD. How do you respond to these suspicions?

Chocolate bear: There are only so many possibilities for Frst to expand. The next best tribes are WMD and Nuts!. With nuts! partially blocked off by Light. you would think WMD would be the logical choice and direction for us to expand. The rumors are, however, only speculation.

harbinger297: Do you believe that there are any tribes on World 43 with the ability to take the rank 1 spot from FRST?

Chocolate bear: I really don’t see any “single” tribe taking #1 from us. I think for a tribe to overtake Frst it would need to be made up of every remaining high point player on w43. That speaks volumes for Frst and the recruitment they’ve done. It would take something drastic to see a new rank 1.

harbinger297: Many top tribes though can suffer greatly from inactivity and internal problems leading to disbandment, do you foresee this being a possibility for FRST?

Chocolate bear: Not at all. Frst has had it’s issues just like any other tribe. I’d need more than two hands to count all the players who have been internally nobled either because of lack of participation or inactivity. Frst has done a great job of keeping solid/active players together and removing those who don’t meet that standard.

harbinger297: What do you foresee as being some major upcoming changes to FRST (If any)?

Chocolate bear: A good number of Frst players have decided to move to w50 and try our luck with new players and tribes. In my opinion this will only make the tribe stronger and improve our ability to work together. I see some players who may be leaving in the near future. But I promise it will not affect the effectiveness of the tribe.

harbinger297: Well thank you for doing this interview, i wish you the best of luck out there!

Chocolate bear: Thanks again for interviewing me. Glad to help whenever I can.

Tune in next week for interviews with other top tribes!

With the arrival of World 50, many World 43 players are either leaving 43 to play 50, or doing both if they aren’t bogged down with other worlds. Remember people, try not to bite off more than you can chew, or you might find yourself choking! Hopefully though some of you won’t be too busy, and can play World 50. You might find many familiar faces from the past.

Did you know…?
There are currently 231 villages at 12.379 (max) points in the world. I hope no-one plans on waging any catapult wars soon, they will have their work cut out for them.

Catch you next time!

harbinger. <3