World 41 Update

February 18, 2010 in World 041 News

Its been a while since the wars of W41 have been brought into light so that people of other worlds can see how this world is progressing. Currently, W41 is pledged with wars, with 6 of the top 10 tribes locking heads in a quest for world domination, glory and more areas to conquer and explore and thrive on.

A brief summary about the current wars:

1.Axes (rank 2) and O-RLY? (rank 12) v/s Knock! (rank 4)

2.OCD (rank 3) v/s ABAZA (rank 15)

3.Motive (rank 5) v/s S3X (rank 6)

War for domination of the northern frontiers, the outer rim and a war to prove the world which the best tribe is:


AXES = Green

KNOCK! = Grey

OCD = Red

PwN = Blue

S3X = White

Motive = Yellow

ABAZA = Purple

Hiraya = Maroon

O-RLY? = Crimson

Unreal = Black

This war has been much awaited with these 2 top ranked tribes trying to settle it out in the battlefield. AXES, the former #1 tribe, through a very good diplomacy, had, till now, chosen to stay away from their main wars, swiftly cleaning out their Ks and decimating other tribes. KNOCK! on the other hand, have been at war since their creation and have been successful so far, taking out larger tribes in the process. Now the question is “Who will emerge victorious?”. In many people’s opinion, there won’t be a clear cut winner to this war, it will end in a NAP or even if there’s a winner, it will leave a lot of scars for the victorious tribe. Continents majorly involved are K25 and K35 with a few noblings in K15 as well.

AXES, according to many, have been by far the top tribe of this world. With an arsenal of top players from previous worlds, they’re sure to dominate here. KNOCK! are ex- world 23 players who have quite some skill in them too. So, all in all, its an even match. Though AXES have a lower member count, their members are bigger and at the start of the war, they had a 10 million point advantage over KNOCK!. Unreal, a tribe west of AXES have been helping them in faking the members of KNOCK! with occassional nukes and also supporting. They haven’t been directly involved in the war so far.

Jonathan1979, of AXES, made the official declaration and though this has been a slow war, AXES have the upper hand so far. Most of the caps have been taken in K25 and K35, a bloodshedded battlefield where nukes and nobles are going splat and nobling and re-taking are occurring continuously. These 2 tribes did have a mutual NAP agreement prior to starting of the war, but it was evident that a huge battle for supremacy for only a matter of time.

Stats since declaration:

Side 1: AXES  72

Side 2: KNOCK! 38


O-RLY? declared on KNOCK! the same day as AXES, a side war, but the major war that this tribe has entered in so far. The war is in the eastern rim, in K28 and K38 mostly and a couple of skirmishes here and there in K37. O-RLY? dealt the first blow, but then KNOCK! have stabilized the situation and are currently leading in overall stats since the declaration was made. Recently, O-RLY? have been severely crippled by many players quitting and leaving tribe and going inactive. This will be a huge blow for them and whether or not they can recover from this and turn the tide against a tribe several times bigger than them, only time will tell.

Stats since declaration:

Side 1: O-RLY?  43

Side 2: KNOCK!  121


OCD are W12 veterans with lots of game experience and skill in their artillery. No wonder when you see this tribe’s ODA, its by far the most in this world even after being made several months later after the start of the world. Their motto: Take hold of the core and fight the hard way out, eliminate enemies by war, not by embracing them. This tribe has been at war since the dawn of times and have proved themselves over and over again. Member count isn’t too high, showing good co-ordination.

ABAZA are a group of 4 huge players, who broke off before the fall of the giant, Legacy and they have so far, maintained a low profile, both in game and on the forums. They have been quietly nobling and accumulating points. Skillwise, many say, they’re very good, will they be able to hold fort against the bigger and stronger OCD soldiers? So far, the stats show a drastic decline with 2 members out of 4 leaving the tribe and getting nobled out.

Stats since declaration:

Side 1: OCD  90

Side 2: ABAZA (including the 2 players who left)  1

Motive v/s S3X

This is the war for southern dominance. Motive and 4-Play had been at war with OMG!, but since then, Motive merged with OMG! to war 4-Play in a quest to be the rulers of the southern hemisphere of W41. 4-Play disbansion led to the rise of a few local tribes, who merged, settling their differences to create S3X. This should be an interesting war to watch, as both sides have skilled players and they’re quite evenly matched. Without external interference, this could be a long, tiring war that would determine the geography of the south.

Stats since declaration:

Side 1: Motive 23

Side 2: S3X 33

Stay tuned for more exciting war news, stats and results to come.