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July 26, 2009 in I'm A New Mod!, World News


Greetings World 40,

we have a new weekly blog covering all the news you need to know in W40. Despite the fact that I am a member of a very prominent tribe in W40 myself, I will try to make these posts as unbiased and encompassing as possible. But because the forums are not always an accurate representation of the progress and conditions of the world, I would like to get thoughts and opinions directly from other players in W40. This can be done by either sending me a message In-game or on the forums.

This weekly blog will have information as to:

-Recent war declarations, war status, and war statistics.

-Tribal alliances and families made public

-Notable Tribes being founded, disbanding, and name changes

-Notable players quitting

-Any other important information

If you would like to contribute to this blog, or have something published here, you can reach me by in-game mail, username: Kuchiki Senbonzakura.

Wordly Affairs

The world is young and there isn’t much happening besides the fact…

Some of us love them, some of us hate them and then there is some who don’t understand the tribe concept; I’m looking at you sP.Ag. I’m only kidding but they have decided to declare war on multiple tribes because they want action entertainment. They haven’t yet declared war as mentioned “Although declaring war isn’t really possible yet at this stage of the game, we will however declare a ‘state of preferred targets with some tribes and their allies to I guess”. Yes I’m talking about APATHY. They have declared on the following (This has been extracted from h0llygh0st’s post:“- KONG

after taking a look in their tribe I found out that they believe its time to take me down. Probably because I’ve stolen 4 of their best members and because I keep taunting them with screenshots from within their tribe ^^ Also I’m catting down 2 of their members
… Come to think of it they might be right in trying to take me down =/ To bad that I haven’t gotten a single attack yet. Meh…


this tribe has been annoying me since the start. When I started this world I asked my neighbours to restart, one of them was the BOSS duke. He refused at first and threatened with war. Than after some talks he apologized. Than he started offering me resources… And than a week later when I scouted him for the first time (Yes he offered res before I even attacked him…) he went ahead and restarted. Such a brave tribe, also allies with KONG.

- B.O.S./KONG-A,

I haven’t had any trouble with these tribes yet, but since they are academy tribes of such stupid tribes I might as well take them on.

– Elite,

They’re allies with all above tribes. So meh. Bring it

- LOST and their family,

reason for this is because they annoyed IBAN. I like IBAN so Apathy declares a ‘state of preferred targets with some tribes and their allies to I guess’ with them. + Their leader is annoying.
And most importantly, because they refuse to give Sowwy to me


for being allies with most if not all of the above tribes. And for not restarting when they become farms. They give me so much ODA that I dont know what to do with it =/                                                                                                                           ”

It seems that the w40 community approves of what’s going on and are quite happy with APATHY. Have fun.

Ok most of you will know my weekly newspaper thread and today I have made the Week 4 Interview, The link is here: W40 Weekly Paper.

The Growth Race

Ah, the world breaths easy, everyone gets to grow as much as they can before the next major war starts. I know, boring isn’t it? ;D Here is the spread of the W40 top 10.

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 Kata 47.505 54.011 51 1.059 51 1.059
2 IBAN 47.134 48.531 45 1.078 45 1.078
3 LOST 47.041 58.279 57 1.022 57 1.022
4 -GA- 42.742 56.320 60 939 60 939
5 CELL 42.521 53.039 56 947 56 947
6 ER 40.714 51.452 55 935 55 935
7 (MsA) 39.454 49.088 58 846 58 846
8 SQUAD 39.108 39.108 40 978 40 978
9 N.M.S 38.849 49.363 58 851 58 851
10 HELL 37.961 38.814 42 924 42 924

Thats all for now, feel free to leave a comment.